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Giving in to Charity has been nomintated for Book of the Month

You know, I almost emptied the spam this morning after receiving those "you have won" emails. Yet, I didn't. I'm so glad now that I didn't. My third book Giving in to Charity Sweetbrier Academy Book 3 has been nominated for book of the month. WOW, ok the only award I've ever gotten is "get out of jail free". I usually shy away from those things. So it was awesome to get the email out of the blue.

You can't nominate yourself. Your book has to be read, to strike a cord, to move one of the reviewers to nominate you. Therefore it is a true honor. If you'd like to read the review and an excerpt, I've placed them below as well as the link to vote. Thank you to the Dark Diva's for this kind and generous honor.

Nancy O'Berry has captured my heart with her Sweetbrier Academy Series I have read the first two books which include Hope and Faith's stories and I am so happy that Charity finally has a story of her own in Giving in to Charity. As I read along, I seem to lose myself into the time frame in which these stories take place—the formal gowns, society gatherings, and the intrigue that Nancy O'Berry creates.

I must say, out of the three books, this one is my favorite, which is saying a lot since I gave them all high marks. The era that is the back drop to this book has always fascinated me. A time where proper women looked down their noses at the less fortunate; sometimes, only to find themselves at the mercy of what is right. People will do anything when greed is involved.

Charity has, what some would call, a thick skin but she is a woman with a heart. I was surprised by the amount of information we get about Charity. Her character is right out in the open, her past to her future laid bare for us to see. It is always nice to get the back ground on a character.

Tobias is a man to be reckoned with. His character has so many facets to it; I often caught myself wondering if he was the real McCoy. He has the strength to hold his own with Charity—of course that’s after they work through some issues.

The secondary characters in Giving in to Charity are truly astonishing. On many occasions throughout this book, I wanted to slap Miss Violet in order to defend Charity. She was quite the villain.

I would love to see Opal and Howard finally get hitched and have their own story. They are both so dominate in all three books. They raised three amazing women.

Giving in to Charity is a delightfully sensual story about love, mystery and greed. A man will do anything for the silver running through the mines in Virginia City, and for the love of a good woman, no matter her past.

Nancy O'Berry is magnificently delicious! Come and visit Sweetbrier Academy, then you will know what it is like to relive the past.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Deb!

Read an excerpt here:
Tobias paced the length of the platform; his dark coat flapped in the cool breeze that swooped down from the mountains. A flat-brimmed, dark hat pulled down across his face so that only the edges of his rich auburn hair showed to the public. He’d stuffed his tan trousers to fit tight inside his tall riding boots. Hooking his thumbs in the leather of his suspenders with is right hand, he palmed the pocket watch from his vest with the other.

“She’s coming. Don’t fret so,” said the tall, white-haired gentleman leaning upon the post next to the ticket office.

“Oh, I believe she is a woman of her word,” Tobias replied, checking his watch against the large clock in the depot. “Got a few more minutes, Howard.” Slipping his watch back, Tobias took another drag on the cigar he held tight between his teeth.
Howard paused and took a deep breath. “Have you said anything to Miss Marsh about a personal secretary?”

Tobias’ mouth twitched. “No, I’m sure Miss Wilson’s never quite tackled a job such as this either. When they meet I’ll gladly do the introductions.”
Howard gave a grunt.

Tobias removed the cigar from his mouth and ground it out in the sand barrel. “Oh, yes, she’ll be here. Miss Benedict’s ladies are very reliable.”

“Poor Charity,” Howard chuckled.

“What?” Tobias inquired.

“I was just wondering if she knew what type of buzz saw she was walking into.” The tall man smiled and looked up the track. “Ah, I think our train is on the way.”
Tobias turned on his boot heel. Above the trees a plume of dark grey smoke rose in puffs. A deep dread formed a rock in the pit of his stomach. Had he done the right thing? Was it unfair to ask so much from a woman he hardly knew? Moving down to the edge of the platform, he already guessed the answer. She was the type of woman who wanted more. He knew he’d seen that kind of desire before. Mostly from men in the camps as they fought for what little was left behind. Tobias knew she would be a fighter. She had to be considering that she had survived the lean years of the war. Come to think of it, she deserved more.

“Well, it can’t be worried over now.” Howard nudged him with his elbow. “Put a smile on that mug of yours. We don’t want to scare Miss Charity off before she’s even begun.”

Tobias opened his mouth to reply, but the shrill whistle split the air, drowning out his words. The bold iron horse roared into the station. The weight of the metal wheels rumbling on the iron rails caused the ground to shake. The wheels ground to a halt with a loud scrape of metal. Belching steam from its pistons, the train obscured his vision with a white cloud. Tobias looked again at the platform. It appeared filled with all sorts of humanity. A cold sweat formed on his skin, and his hands trembled. After all these years, he still hated the sound of metal grinding. The memories of being in Andersonville flooded his mind.

“Tobias?” Howard’s tone of voice expressed his worry.

“F-Fine,” he stammered. Pulling himself together, he asked, “You see her?”

“Not yet, I think,” Howard responded, keeping Tobias in his worried glance. Slowly, the crowd parted.

Across the platform, a distinct figure materialized from the steam. Howard craned his neck to get a glimpse. The figure of a woman, medium height and slim build beneath a rather grandiose piece of millinery, stood quietly upon the platform.
“There.” Howard pointed. “There she is.” He walked toward her.

Tobias paused. A smile spread across his face. Before him turned a woman dressed in lavender brocade. He bet his hands could span the width of her waist with little trouble. He wished he could see her expression beneath the netting. Watching with envy, Tobias witnessed Howard Stetson give a slight bend toward Charity and pressed a kiss to her cheek. Moving nearer the two, Tobias picked up snippets of conversation.

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Stormy Weather has gotten a review

A wonderful review by the folks over at You gotta read.

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

The proceeds of this book go to the Susan G. Komain Foundation
*note* frank discussion on breast cancer surgery and reconstruction
As a woman, Lauren Phelps has suffered the worst life can throw at her. The loss of her breast, the rejection of her husband, a divorce can she pick up the shattered threads of her life and continue?

Cole McGuire met Lauren Phelps through a mutual friend, his mother. When Lauren took a medical leave of absence, he wondered if he would ever see her again. When she returned to Teague and Marshalls, he made sure she was transferred to his office. Now divorced, he wondered if he stood a chance to woo her.
Can Lauren learn to love again after the storm?

After Lauren Phelps is diagnosed with breast cancer, her dirtbag husband left her to withstand treatment and reconstruction alone. After reconstructive surgery and going into remission, Lauren is offered a new position at her old job, as Cole McGuire's assistant. Cole McGuire is thrilled to have Lauren back at the office and has come to know her through his mother who also had cancer. Now that both of them are free he is determined to win her heart, to show her that love is unconditional.

I cried all through the first passage, which seemed like part of the story at first, but was actually the author's journey. Lauren carries the internal scars of her survival and rejection by her ex- husband while holding her head high. Cole is a loving, understanding hero who shows Lauren how to open her heart again. True beauty blooms in the heart, and everything else is just 'window dressing'. This is one you gotta read and your purchase supports a wonderful cause. I commend the author for having the courage to face her personal fears and trial and for writing this story. Ms. O'Berry's work is always fluent and incredibly moving. Needless to say, Stormy Weather, is just one more reason to keep her at the top of my list.

Ok note here, the first part of the book is actually my editors brush with this horrible disease. When she found out I was writing this tail she asked if she could put a forward in. I had no problems offering Michelle Ellis a part in this book because she has been there for me when I had questions. Her professionalism and willingness to work with young emerging writers is an awesome asset for Red Rose Publishing. Emmy's brush with and talk about finding a lump and what she went through makes this book even more important.

I am honored to have her as an editor and as a friend. Please in this season of giving remember that proceeds for Stormy Weather go to help those with Breast Cancer. Proceeds are going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Thank you.

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CHECK out this great book signing

If you are in or around the Houston area, you might want to stop by and see these fine authors. Be sure to tell them Nancy O says Howdy!

Houston area. Come on down and join the fun if you can!

Boomerang Books
Saturday, Dec 19
12:00 - 4:00

Anna Kathryn Lanier

Skhye Moncrief

Anne-Marie Novak

Emma Lai

Elizabeth Pina

_http://rosesofhouston.blogspot.com_ (http://rosesofhoust on.blogspot. com/)

Lots of Prizes - every 30 minutes
Treats and Drinks
1/2 off all used Romance
Fun, Fun, Fun
Come join us!

Boomerang Books
907 W Main St
League City, TX 77573

_www.myspace. com/boomerangboo ks_ (http://www.myspace. com/boomerangboo ks)
Facebook, too! Search Boomerang Books

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Need something to read now that Old man winter has settled in

My publisher Red Rose Publishing is putting out several great Christmas stories. Another one what has come across my desktop is this, Three Minutes Before Christmas by Paige Ryter. Ok love the authors name. Say it out loud and you'll catch her witty pen name.

I love the change on the amnesia angle too. Hit by a huge roll of Christmas wrapping paper. Come on we've all had those days when paper has fallen from the table or whatever we've chosen to wrap those gifts on. How cute that she's rescued by a doctor. Paige even centers the social gap in the story and when it comes down to it.."Check the clock because they've only got Three Minutes Before Christmas until the magic is lost."

This contemporary sounds like a great read on a cold day waiting for the Big man in the Red Suit to stop by your tree.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Custom of the Christmas tree

When we think of Christmas, it's not visions of sugar plums that dance in our heads. It is the vision of the tree decorated that sits in our family rooms, our Living rooms, or virtually any room in the house. The Evergreen is synonymous with the holiday season.

Our Pagan ancestors spruced ( sorry about the pun) their homes with the sweet smelling boughs to remind them through those long dark winter nights that spring would once again return to the land. Christianity , through Martin Luther brought the trees into the homes reminding their families that " Jesus left the stars in heaven to come to earth" to teach us how to live. I personally like to think it's a measure of the two. It reminds us that there is a constant life that like Christ love, it is renewable.

Christmas trees often did not have a long life. They were brought in as part of the Christmas treat and were left for St. Nicholas and his elves to decorate. Their blank branches suddenly sprang to life overnight and were seen on Christmas morning decked in their splendor. A sight to behold. It was then burned for warmth. Remember the folk tale of the Little Fir Tree?

Victorians really made the tree special. Pictures of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their families before the tree made them a mainstay in the 1850 homes. Virginia's first tree came to Williamsburg in 1845. It was brought over by the Minnegerod family. Charles Minnegerod, a German professor at William and Mary brought the custom to the New World delighting the children of the George Tucker House.

Decorations were edible often made from gingerbread or marzipan, an almond sugar paste that can be shaped into figures, hard candies in gilded netting, cookies, and fruit. To offset these pleasures, paper fans, tin soldiers, windup toys were hung as well. Added to the mix were homemade toys, dolls, and mittens. Small handmade wax candles gave the tree light. Those beautiful hand blown glass ornaments were first made in Germany during the mid 1800's and shipped throughout Europe.

So, as you get ready to celebrate the beauty of the season, take time to bring the family in and enjoy the tree. Read to your children the story of The Little Fir Tree, The Polar Express, and the story found in the New Testament. Do it by the light of the tree with the carols playing softly in the background. You'll find the magic of Christmas has not been lost, " still resides in those who believe."

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wow a great new story just in time for Christmas

I've come across a fantastic new writer today by the name of Paige Ryter who has a story coming out in 11 short days.

Three Minutes to Midnight (great title huh)

Here's the blurb.

When Sydney White is hit by a huge roll of Christmas wrapping paper at her mall wrapping job, sexy pediatrician Colin Taylor rushes to her rescue. Unable to find her purse or keys, Sydney can’t even recall the phone number for her brother’s new home, so Colin offers his home as a place of refuge.

While there is a physical attraction, Sydney knows their worlds are far apart and it’ll only be a matter of time before he finds someone else in his own social class.

Can a Christmas miracle save their love? Check the clock because they’ve only got Three Minutes Before Christmas and the magic is lost.

I can't wait to read this one.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home Life on the range was really green!

When we talk about living green, our generation has nothing on the early pioneers. Living on the prairies meant building homes with little to no timber structure. These homes were constructed with earthen blocks that allowed early settlers to be warm in the winter and cool in summer. Sounds grand with the cost of heating and cooling today.

All you needed was a firm piece of ground and your John Deere plow to cut these bricks three feet long and four inches deep. Stack two or three bricks width and there you have it. The long roots of the grasses would hold the walls together. In the spring, a profusion of wild flowers would grace your roof. It sounds lovely, but there were a few drawbacks.

There are diary entries from these brave souls who stood with umbrellas over their stoves while they cooked to keep the rain from dampening dinner. Dirt would filter down and onto the occupants of the home requiring the tarps to be placed beneath the block ceiling. Worse, in my humble opinion would be the critters who would want to share your warmth, such as bugs, mice and shiver me timbers SNAKES. ( Ok I would not have made it on that account). Yet these sturdy structures provided great protection from fires which could roar around the homes and walls would keep the families and livestock safe.

Don't think that these structures were primitive. While most might be constructed in a single room design, other homes had designs of two, possibly three rooms. Often those rooms would be separated by blankets or tarps. Some sod homes had wall paper walls. The 1872 Montgomery Wards Catalog carried window frames for sod homes!

To read more of course, pick up the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Inglis Wilder.

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LK HUNSAKER announces winner from my blog!


Nov 13 Nancy O'Berry: winner - Linda B

CONGRATS! The short story will be mailed after the book release date. Be sure to comment on at least 8 blogs during the tour to be eligible to win the book. :-)

LK Hunsaker
~Literary Romance with an Artsy Twist~
I'M ON TOUR! Find my schedule:

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Information about a contest November 26th.

Wow the response has blown me away! Please be sure to check with Martha's bookself and the link above so that you can register for the give away. I'm going to post a bit more of the book Stormy Weather here today.

“So, what are your plans now?” Karen Quinn asked as the two women strolled across the narrow, wrought iron bridge that spanned The Hague.
“I don’t know.” Lauren shrugged. “Go back to work, I guess. Begin a new life.”
“Lord knows you need to,” Karen agreed.
They paused at the crest of the bridge spanning the narrow inlet close to downtown. Karen was right; she did need to. Her life had changed one hundred and eighty degrees since March of last year when she’d found the lump just under her nipple on the left side of her breast.
“It still galls me that he found another woman,” Karen spat. “Just left you and moved in with her like everything was fine.”
Lauren pulled her dark blue coat tighter against her thin frame. “It was his choice,” she replied.
Lauren looked at her friend, touched by her loyalty. “He was and still is an immature boy,” Lauren conceded, then sighed as they walked on. “My doctor told me to get on with my life.”
“Are you?”
She nodded. “I called Mr. McGuire this morning and asked for my job back.”
“And?” Karen asked, her eyes shining with excitement.
“He…he said he has a good replacement in my position,” Lauren said.
“No, he didn’t!”
She looked over at her friend’s shocked expression. Reaching out, she placed a hand upon her arm. “It’s okay. He offered me a new position.”
“I’m the young Mr. McGuire’s personal assistant and project manager,” Lauren explained.
Karen’s face filled with joy. “This deserves a drink. Come on, the Purple Elephant is no more than a block away.”

Please note, this book contains frank discussions on breast cancer and reconstruction. The money raised from this book goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Tidewater chapter. I have signed over my royalties to raise money for the cure of cancer. Won't you join me is stopping this disease. Nancy O'Berry, author.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Help raise money for Breast Cancer

Stormy Weather
Mainstream Romance Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-430-0
Cover Artist: Nancy Donahue
Editor: Michelle Ellis
Line Editor: Mike Kay
Word Count: 17,754
Price: $2.99 release date is November 26th.

To buy link:

As a woman, Lauren Phelps has suffered the worst life can throw at her. The loss of her breast, the rejection of her husband, a divorce can she pick up the shattered threads of her life and continue?

Cole McGuire met Lauren Phelps through a mutual friend, his mother. When Lauren took a medical leave of absence, he wondered if he would ever see her again. When she returned to Teague and Marshalls, he made sure she was transferred to his office. Now divorced, he wondered if he stood a chance to woo her.

Can Lauren learn to love again after the storm?

Read an excerpt here...

“So, what are your plans now?” Karen Quinn asked as the two women strolled across the narrow, wrought iron bridge that spanned The Hague.
“I don’t know.” Lauren shrugged. “Go back to work, I guess. Begin a new life.”
“Lord knows you need to,” Karen agreed.
They paused at the crest of the bridge spanning the narrow inlet close to downtown. Karen was right; she did need to. Her life had changed one hundred and eighty degrees since March of last year when she’d found the lump just under her nipple on the left side of her breast.
“It still galls me that he found another woman,” Karen spat. “Just left you and moved in with her like everything was fine.”
Lauren pulled her dark blue coat tighter against her thin frame. “It was his choice,” she replied.
Lauren looked at her friend, touched by her loyalty. “He was and still is an immature boy,” Lauren conceded, then sighed as they walked on. “My doctor told me to get on with my life.”
“Are you?”
She nodded. “I called Mr. McGuire this morning and asked for my job back.”
“And?” Karen asked, her eyes shining with excitement.
“He…he said he has a good replacement in my position,” Lauren said.
“No, he didn’t!”
She looked over at her friend’s shocked expression. Reaching out, she placed a hand upon her arm. “It’s okay. He offered me a new position.”
“I’m the young Mr. McGuire’s personal assistant and project manager,” Lauren explained.
Karen’s face filled with joy. “This deserves a drink. Come on, the Purple Elephant is no more than a block away.”

All the proceeds from this book are being donated to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Tidewater fund. If you would like to make a donation or get in contact with them, please use the following website and address:
119 S. Witchduck Rd., Suite 85
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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Celebrities: Truth vs. Hype

Hi, I'd like to welcome a friend of mine from Classic Romance Revival. She's been a busy woman on a whirl wind tour with a brand new book that looks very exciting. So let me turn it over today to L.K. Hunsaker and we are OFF TO THE MOON.

Hi Nancy! Thanks for having me today. :-)

So, any idea who Gerard is “with” this week? According to the tabloids, it seems he’s hooked up to a different girl about every week. He says he’s not hooked to anyone. What’s new in CelebrityLand?

One of the issues in Off The Moon is the difference between what we see and hear about actors and singers who have made it to the big time. We hear about the stalkers and restraining orders and anger outbursts, but what’s really going on? Do celebs actually have no right to privacy when they’re out and about?

In Wednesday’s blog post with Liana, I put up a short excerpt that included Ryan talking with his brother about how his celebrity status has affected his family. There’s much more to the story, though. When he rescues Kaitlyn and pulls her into his world, rumors fly and many of his decisions are made with regard to what fans and the press will think.

I’ve heard, sometimes first-hand, from big-name singers who had to deal with dashing through the airport in order to try to evade fans and how their spouses have been harrassed and even injured by fans who go over the edge. I also tend to read musician autobiographies and watch interviews and such. The situations in Off The Moon (as well as in my Rehearsal series) that deal with fans are real-life, not real but based on real events. They lose hair and get clothes torn and sometimes even cracked ribs from overwhelming crowds.

It’s not only hard on the celebrities, but also on those close to them. They’re never quite sure if someone wants to know them for them or to try to get to the celeb.

The other issue is: how much of what we hear is true? I know of publicists/managers who have changed facts to make singers look better, or worse. Celebrity reporters catch glimpses of things and turn them into stories based on a fact or two, but out of context or stretched beyond what it was. Everything on the outside appears glamorous and fun, when behind the scenes, they often have a myriad of problems most of us will never know. And shouldn’t.

Ryan gets thoroughly caught up in trying to “handle” the publicity when he lets Kaitlyn stay at his place. As they struggle to settle her issues, the added stress of what is said, true or not, complicates matters. Kaitlyn is suddenly faced with having her private life splayed all over the media because of his career. Even her most private, hurtful moments are revealed as she tries to heal.

I’ve heard many say celebrities choose that life and have to expect it. Is that true? Should they? I can say that if my name as a writer ever gets up there with Laurell Kay Hamilton, I’ll still expect to be able to maintain my private life. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), writers aren’t seen as celebs as much as singers and actors. If they were, maybe there would be a few included on Dancing With The Stars. Wouldn’t that be nice?

What do you think about celebrities and privacy and what we hear? Do fans have the right to flock to them in public? Do writers have the right to print half-truth articles that question intimate details? Do we really need to know who is dating whom this week? Is it true? How much do you think is true or manufactured?


Buy Link for Off the Moon preorders:

Find my website for more info, plus a free download of the beginnings of each of my novels:

Also, be sure to check my blog for Off The Moon related interviews.

Off The Moon
LK Hunsaker

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Heres the new buzz... Angela James lands a job.

> Harlequin is starting an digital only arm and has hired Angela James as the Executive Editor.
> Name is Carina Press.
> http://www.cnbc. com/id/33785094

The press release
> http://carinapress. com

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OFF to the Moon!

Hey everyone! LK is blogging with Sue Perkins today, the next stop on her Blog Tour. She's celebrating the upcoming release of "Off The Moon" and you stand a chance to win... You'll find her latest post at: http://sueperkinsau thor.blogspot. com/

All you need to do is visit the blogs along with LK and leave your comment. One person from each blog will be drawn to receive a signed, mailed copy of the short story LK has written as a bit of a prequel to Off The Moon, called Toward The Sky, plus there will be a signed print book drawing for anyone who comments on at least 8 blogs!

To visit all the blogs, check out the list below for the links and dates:

01-Nov Judah Raine
03-Nov Jane Richardson
05-Nov Sue Perkins
07-Nov Linda Banche
09-Nov Sandra Kay
11-Nov Liana Laverentz
13-Nov Nancy O’Berry
15-Nov Sandra Sookoo
17-Nov Lainey Bancroft
19-Nov Lindsay Townsend
21-Nov Maryann Miller
23-Nov Sandy James
25-Nov Lizzie Starr

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What's great about being a writer is that you grow. We begin with simple sentences. Then as our lives revolve around others and link with feeling, we change. We describe, we expound, and we learn the art of creating visual representations.

For some this part of our education is hard for others its easy. Some of us still work at it. But the more we work, the greater the understanding. I'm working. I doing my best to learn and to understand. I ask questions-a lot. Often those get me in trouble but I'll ask anyway. AND sometimes they lead me toward wonderful things.

This week was full of wonderful things. My writing has led me to creating a story for the Susan G. Komen group and giving my royalties to fight the cause. My publisher, Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing are behind me and helping me to set this up. Giving back to those who helped my mother, my aunts is extraordinary. I'm honored to be a part of Red Rose Publishing and to be associated with such a warm caring publisher.

Another wonderful thing is getting in touch with agents. I'm happy to announce that I'm talking with a wonderful woman who would like to represent me and I'd be honored to be represented by, Jewelann Cone of the Atlantis Literary Agency.

When you look for an agent, you look for someone who understands your manuscript. You look at someone who "gets" your voice or your use of language. I think I've found such a person in Jewelann Cone.

I look forward to the day we sign that contract and I continue to learn under her guiding hands. Life changes are all part of growing. We grow, we change. All is very, very good. My life is full.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


We think nothing of picking up the cell phone or firing up the computer and sending an instant message. But think out our ancestors - no phones and letters often too up to a month to go around the horn because the Panama Canal hadn't been dug. A stagecoach was no better it shortened the time by only seven days -23 day run.
By 1860 and the Civil War raising its ugly head, the abolitionist wanted to bring in California to the Union side. But how? Why the American Way of course - competition.

In order to create a quick, reliable mail service three men, William Russell, William Waddell and Alexander Majors who all ready ran a freight line, proposed a series of relays between stations placed 10 miles apart. These horses and riders would mount and ride as fast as they could and deliver a letter from ST. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California in 10 days for the coast of $5.00 per half ounce weight. In two months, these men recruited 30 riders, created 190 stations, and acquired at least 500 horses for the project.

Riders were paid $25.00 a week and allowed to carry the tonto y feo or mail pouch, a water sack, a bible, a horn, and their choice of a rifle or pistol for protection. Because they were riding at a full gallop on a horse or what we would call today a large pony standing at 14 1/2 hands high, riders could weigh no more than 125 pounds. ( ok, I all ready weigh to much . sigh) Riders would ride day and night, year round. And in all this, only one pack was lost. ( hum think about how much mail gets lost today).

As we know, the Butterfield Stage Company won the contract and the pony express slowly dwindled the three stock holders selling to Wells Fargo Company. But, what happened to the men who developed this?

William Russell? Died in 1872 broke and shunned by friends.

William Waddell? Never went into business again. Lost his son in the Civil War. His property and land sold for back taxes. died broke as well in 1872

Alexander Majors? Returned to freighting. Moved to Salt Lake City. Helped with the
construction of Union Pacific Railroad died in 1900

But , oh, how their dream lives in the hearts of western lore.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Help support your "GIRLS" October is Breast Cancer Month

A good friend of mine is holding a contest and providing some great information on Breast Cancer and helping to find the cure. Won't you please go over to and check out the video and register to be in the drawing.

Nancy O'Berry
Think Pink.

Breast Cancer Awareness Contest
In honor of all breast cancer survivors and casualties, we'd like to welcome you all to our annual October BREAST CANCER AWARENESS event. We're a few romance authors who want to spread some happily ever afters around while urging you to get your annual checkups! Just visit the following websites or blogs to read up on the latest health information and learn how to enter each of the participating authors' contests.

Skhye Moncreif
Hywela Lyn
Sky Purington

Each author will offer a prize. So, be certain to visit each author's page and enter each contest. Prizes will be announced Halloween night.
I'll be giving away a Pink Ribbon Basket containing items such a ceramic travel mug, calendar, pens, as well as some romance books. To enter, just send an e-mail to and tell me one of the symptoms listed in the video below. IBC is a very aggressive cancer and, therefore, one of the most deadly breast cancers out there. Learn the symptoms so you can be aware.

Also, I'll give hold periodic drawings on my blog and guestbook during the month for Pink Ribbon Goodie be sure to visit and leave comments there as well.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Remembering Mom,

Today I'm participating in a mass blogging! WOW! Women On Writing has gathered a group of blogging buddies to write about family relationships. Why family relationships? We're celebrating the release of Therese Walsh's debut novel today. The Last Will of Moira Leahy, (Random House, October 13, 2009) is about a mysterious journey that helps a woman learn more about herself and her twin, whom she lost when they were teenagers. Visit The Muffin ( to read what Therese has to say about family relationships and view the list of all my blogging buddies. And make sure you visit Therese's website ( to find out more about the author.

My mother was born in 1912 and grew up in the Great Depression the fifth child in a house of nine. I envy her growing up with brothers and sisters to fight with, to play with, to grow. Her childhood was so different. She never learned to ride a bike because it was unladylike to sit astride. She couldn't go fishing or ride on the boats with her brothers but mom learned to roller skate.

I'd like to think of my mom as the first roller derby queen. Her brothers rode the bikes towing her with a rope whipping her around. How that was lady like I don't know, but she loved to tell the stories. Her wild rides resulted in a broken arm not once but twice in the same place.

Her skills on wheeled shoes she transferred to me. I can remember her holding my arms leading me around telling me to push with the right, shift your weight, push with the left.

My mom was not only a parent, but a best friend. I miss her terribly. She was the one who turned me on to romance. Now, I guess I can call her a mentor as well. I love you, Mom. Thanks for all you gave up and for all you pushed me to achieve. I hope to do you proud.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


We have fond memories of our own childhood. Growing up along the Elizabeth River in Tidewater, I recall riding bicycles around the neighborhood. Learning to fish with the older neighborhood boys and climbing the tall pines that sheltered our yards. We wore our shorts and tops, our tennis shoes and flip-flops, and we'd laze away under the shade reading during the heat of the day. As wonderful as those memories are, it's hard to believe childhood is a modern day phenomenon.

In the later 1800, there weren't the carefree days of youth that we think about as summer vacation. Children in some ways were a commodity, a source of labor that helped bring income into the family. The age of Industrialization and the machinery to run mills often required the use of small hands to replace parts. Over 700,000 children worked in places today we consider unsafe, such as mines, factories, mills to make clothing or yarn. Their days were long and hard sometimes lasting from twelve to sixteen hours for nothing more than $2.50 wage. Today that's probably less than an hour baby-sitting or the cost of a drink and burger from a value menu. With few labor laws restricting employers working with children until the turn of the century abuse ran ramped.

It's no surprise then the expressions on Rockwell's young men running from the swimming hole. So when we complain about today's youth being without a care, it's ok. We need to remember they earned it. Just ask your grandparents or your great grandparents, they might tell you let them enjoy their freedom with a bit of structure to balance it off.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

American's new direction

The American Civil War had shaken the nation to its core and awakened the sleeping giant of Industrialization. The years following the Civil War 1866 through 1900 found our nation actively rebuilding itself.

It was a time of personal, social, and economic turn. the Gilded Age brought out the worst in humanity, case of greed, graft, and poverty streamed out of control. A devastated south tried to bring its cities back to life under an unforgiving thumb and lashed out against their fellow man when their efforts seem thwarted. It was an age of excess that contrasted the poor against the wealthy robber barons. The "Age of Excess" that truly portrayed the lead beneath the gilded over-lay of gold.

This is the period I love to write about - to explore - to see the changes in our nation that made us what we are today. I sometimes wonder if we learned those lessons.

Join me as we explore the wonders and sadness of the Gilded age and meet some writer friends along the way.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the Covey Awards.

I have a cover up on the covey awards. If you get chance go to and look at all the beautiful covers up for awards.

Yes the authors name is on the books but you are voting for the artist work. My cover for Giving in to Charity is listed as number 13. My artist Nancy Donahue, with the art Department of Red Rose Publishing does a fantastic job of crawling inside my head and producing almost exactly what I want. Book mark this page and check back each month to see what beautiful works of art these talented men and women produce.

Yes, it won't hurt my feelings to vote for number 13.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Mystic of NASCAR

There is something to be said for the rush of wind, the smell of burned rubber, and the mighty roar of a well-tuned engine. When you add the pulse of thousands of screaming fans, you've got NASCAR.

It's sort of a tag team sport for couples, if you will. Males fall under the siren's call of the automobile, while women are drawn to those daring young men in those jumpsuits. No wonder, that HQN writers as well as other authors are drawn to the mystic ritual of RACE DAY.

I've never been lucky enough to witness first hand an actually race. No surprise as why, tickets are sold out often a year in advance. However, with my son and husband parked in the living room, fortified by veggie trays, chips, and dip; I found myself wondering just what intrigued them. So, I sat in on the Sunday ritual.

Ok, at first, I asked question after question. With an annoyed glance, my son brought me into the computer and sat me down with NASCAR 101 on the NASCAR site. MEN, AND THE PRICE OF THEIR TOYS ! Still, I began to learn, racing teams, sponsors, everything that these men can do to generate a bit of income and raise sponsorship money. Racing is not a cheap sport. This innocence to the sport I carried over in my short story Destination Daytona with Red Rose Publishing about a young widow finding love again against the backdrop of the Daytona 500.

While I don't know everything, I am learning, watching, and at least I can join in on the Sunday ritual - well, until I say something about how cute Kasey Khane is. Ah, a girl's gotta have some fun, right?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WOW great new novel

Have you ever thought to yourself, man I wish I just had something new to read?

Well today a great new romantic suspense novel is being released at Five star Publishing called BETRAYED. The story is penned by none other than Amy Clipston who is probably known best for her Amish Romance. Don't let that fool you Mrs. Clipston is a master at story telling whether Amish romance of romance with the scent of burnt tires and gas fumes.

I have to admit, I've know Mrs. Clipston for a few years. She's been an excellent tutor in learning plot and black moments. Her work shines with three dimensional characters. You will be drawn to the hero and heroine of this novel. Lacy Fowler and Reese Mitchell as they work through what seems to be a marriage of convenience in order to save the company. The plot takes many twists and turns as always, Amy Clipston makes it a page turner that you won't be able to put down.

Check it out. NASCAR fans won't be disappointed, romance fans will fall in love.
One of the falls best reads.. Betrayed by Five Star Publishing.. check it out at

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Want to buy an ebook short on cash

Today is the birthday of our esteemed publisher, Wendi Felter. In honor of the event for one day AND ONE DAY ONLY Red Rose Publishing will be holding a sale. All ebooks 50% off for this one day event.. its a great time to pick up all those book and place in your to be read pile. Remember one day and one day only head over to and see what's going on!

Monday, August 31, 2009

When you get lemonaide ...

Ok, I admit it. Sigh, I was very very low this weekend. Somehow even with a great protection, a malicious spyware weaseled its way through. No amount of running an anti spyware has gotten rid of it. So the computer is in the shop to be fix. At 8 years old, they may be able to do no more than rescue the material.

We have up graded and I'm having to learn a new system as well as retrieve any blurbs from emails. So as I went about the tedious work of shifting for information, my publisher sent me a review that just made my day.

The review is from Dark Divas site located at

I enjoyed this book even after the last page was turned. Mrs. Opal and her girls are a true delight. I could not help but laugh.

Holding on to Hope is set in a time when men did not consort with ladies of the evening outside of a whore house.

Sometimes you have no choice with whom you fall in love. Hope and Johnathon are two darling characters. Hope is no shrinking violet. She knows what she wants, as well as gets it. Now all she has to do is convince her cowboy of that.

Johnathon, aka “Doc”, is what every woman wants and needs in a man. He is Hotter than Sin!

Nancy O`Berry created a wonderful series that I, for one, cannot wait to discover the whole series. Holding onto Hope is book 2, and Faith and Charity's books are out now. Come feel what it was like long time ago, when passions ran high.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Deb!

WOW instead of going to bed with a heavy heart, I could go to bed and giggle. Dr. Jonathan Norris, what every woman wants and needs in a man. He's hotter than sin! giggle Oh yeah.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Working on Goals in Publishing

Its easy to sit down and say, I'm going to write a book.

You go and buy the pens or pencils, remember to slip in the whiteout, look for a notebook that had the right "Theme" look and bring it all home. Then to remind your family, you shut off the phone and take command of the kitchen table.

With the paper spread, the pencil's sharpened. You placed the thesaurus and dictionary beside you and sit down. Did you notice how white, I mean really white the paper is? Those little lines just seem to stand out. Real attention grabbers. Then suddenly 101 different things that you need to do NOW jump out.

Its all part of being a writer. Believe it or not paper and pencil can be intimidating, almost to the point of bullying you. Well, you have to show them who is the boss.

If you are having trouble writing. Begin by telling yourself this is a business. First of all when you are away from home in the workplace, do you worry about cobwebs? dirt on the floor? or the dreaded cat box that needs emptying? Well, maybe on your lunch hour you make a list, but the thing that occupies your mind is the abitity to finish your job.

It has to be the same with your writing. Set up time that everyone knows is your writing times. Let the machine pick up phone calls and messages. Get a datebook and sign in/ sign out when you are working keep a track of your word progress by putting down what you begin with and what you end up with. If you find yourself not knowing what to say. Pull up that blank document or a blank sheet of paper and begin with , "I don't know what I'm gonna talk about today. My mind is blank." before long something will begin to form because you are getting those errant thoughts in order.

Remember writing is 50% inspiration and 50% determination. If your butt isn't in the seat, the story won't get done. ... Hum saying that, sigh I need to write. talk later.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm feeling as if the world is passing by...

The past two weeks have been strange ones. I have felt as if the world was passing me by. I can't get enough work done or fast enough to get stories out. Yes I am at the querry, the synopsis stage of two stories one a romantic suspense, the other a historical.

I think it has to do with the process of writing the query. The idea of trying to sell yourself. I'm not good at that one. I'm more the, ok I have a story. I think its pretty good. Would you like to look at it. I can't do the Well, this is the greatest story since holes were put in swiss cheese for the mice to come through. Nope, its not me.

I'm the type of person that doesn't toot. My mother taught me that less often is more. If you put out good works others will discover you. She never tried to be the latest or the greatest. She was one of those honest, quiet people but had the greatest courage I know.

So, I working writing. Watching the world go by. I hope there is a brass ring for me to grab.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Holding on to Hope gets a silver star

Yes, doing the happy dance. Holding on to Hope Sweetbrier Academy book 2 has a silver star over at All Romance Ebooks. Whats the silver star? Roll your curser over it and you'll find its a best seller. Oh, its not on the top ten but it sure looks good to see it sitting there. Here's a blurb from Holding on to Hope. Check it out at Red Rose Publishing and at All Romance Ebooks.

HOLDING ON TO HOPESweetbrier Academy Series: Book 2Nancy O'Berry
Mainstream Romace: Historical/Period, Western
ISBN: 978-1-60435-297-9
pages:227 pages
Cost: 3.99

Reviews say… “ I was completely captivated by the characters and the storyline. I fully intend to read the next installment the minute it is released.”
Sweetbrier Academy is more than just a school. The young ladies lucky enough to be accepted are educated in the social graces that only the wealthiest debutantes of 1870 would have learned. They can play the spinet, embroider, discuss politics, and issues of importance like any lady, but when the lights go down, the debutantes of Sweetbrier know how to make use of their God given talents and bring pleasure to their suitors.
When Miss Opal Benedict, Madame of the Academy, is called out of town, Hope finds Panther's Landing's doctor, the dashing Jonathan Norris paying court. When his attentions become obvious, they find themselves caught in a storm of their own creation. Their lust for one another becomes the object of unwanted attention in a most unflattering way.
When influenza strikes, Dr. Jonathan Norris must choose between his career or the woman who has captured his soul.
Read an excerpt here:

His eyes turned warm brown. She felt the focus shift from her face to her mouth. He was going to kiss her. She parted her lips as his mouth descended upon her.
This time there wasn’t a need to be gentle and exploring. He knew what he would find. His tongue darted along her lips and she opened for him. Hungrily, he took what he could get. His mouth ground against hers as his hand slid up to embrace the swell of her breast.
“Hope,” he murmured her name.

Breaking contact, he looked at her face. Her lips appeared like a woman’s should, swollen from kissing, mirroring the desire burning in her eyes.
“We are traveling down a very dangerous road, Hope.”
Her shoulder lifted in a small shrug. “Is that so bad?”
“I am an honorable man. I need to know that this is what you want?” As he spoke, his hand brushed the swell beneath her left breast. He could feel the sweet flesh below the stays of her corset. He wanted nothing more that to set it free in the palm of his hand, to feel the weight, to savor the sweet tip, as it would bud in his mouth. Yet, it needed to be her decision.
“Sometimes an honorable man needs a bad woman,” she began.
He shook his head. “You must not believe you are a bad woman. You are a woman, a healthy, warm woman who has needs. The only difference between you and women in town is that you can make that decision, without fear.”
He watched the dawning of her power to decide her own destiny spread across her face. He dipped to taste those lips again.
“Know this, Hope, should you choose me, it won’t be just for an afternoon or an evening, but we will take this to see how far it is we go and we must agree on that outcome together.”
For a moment, his words were greeted by Hope’s silence. Her mouth tugged against her cheek. “Your shirt is wet, Jonathan. I believe you should take it off to let it dry or you might catch cold.”

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Don't forget

the Lord of Pleasure has hit the shelves and oh what a pleasure it is to read. Don't forget the contest below. The book is well worth 4.99 and if you have get a 40% off coupon from Borders or Barnes and Nobles all the better! Be one of the many that find their pleasure with Lord Hawksford.

The campaign is called Save the School of Gallantry Series. I'm also having a contest, which everyone can post everywhere.The contest is as follows: From August 4 until August 28, anyone who e-mails me at with the School's quote from Lesson 27, will be entered to win one of three $50 Visa Cards. Winners will be contacted via e-mail by September 10th. I appreciate all the support!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009


Giving in to Charity was reviewed by you gotta read..

I have to say I was very nervous about his book. It was the first time that I attempted a interracial relationship and had my heroine also of mixed race.

As this story goes, Charity is an extraordinary beauty a daughter of a house servant and a French aristocrate who dallied then left. She was brought up in the main house until the Civil War then, her beauty and the war itself drove her from the home and to Miss Benedict's door.

Now unable to follow her main paramour to Washington because she is "part black" Charity takes a job as a personal secretary to Tobias Meriwether, a genteel Silver Baron with his own dark secrets.

The reviewer, Roberta, said this: "Some of the issues discussed in this book are still relevant today. The one most prevalent in this book and in today's society is racism. I was humbled at how the author dealt with this situation and did so with grace and dignity. I want to thank the author, Nancy O'Berry, for a beautiful and entertaining love story."

I sat at my computer and tears flowed. I have never gotten such a pat on the back. I really felt as if I'm doing the right thing by writing. If you'd like to read the rest of this review please go to..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Save the school of Gallantry

In 1830 a school began to teach young men how to properly woo their female counterparts. Now that young courtesan is in trouble. Her publisher wants to pull the plug on her exploits even though the first book won several prestigious awards. Won't you go and read this blog find out how you can get a good summer read and be in the running for a $50.00 gift card...

Mark your calendars for August 4, pick up Delilah Marvelle's newest release Lord of Pleasure..
It will be a rollicking good time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm nervous

I have to say it, I'm nervous...

I completed a manuscript and thought- Geez, everyone's gone to RWA but me. I can practice those email queries and get them in and they'll be lost in the suffle.


Someone forgot to tell this agent he/she wasn't supposed to look at their email. I had a request for a full.

Nervous, I'm as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Nervous, I'm as nervous as a mouse looking at that cheese on the trap.

Nervous, I'm as nervous as a virgin on her wedding night... they still have those right? Tell me I wasn't the last....

GAWD, I need a drink.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July mid year? how are your goals

Ok, I admit it. My goal was to have four books published. I've done well. My three books in the Sweetbrier Series have gone up at Red Rose Publishing and I hear I have yet another coming out in August. Cool.. now to sell them..

I think with the economic structure at this time its hard to sell. You really have to be very proactive. Its hard for me to get out and slap a blurb and excerpt up. I feel the need to talk to people so its not so blunt. So, thats my approach anyway. We'll see if it works.

My website is up. Looks awesome, thank you web designer. I've also held my first pony express webquest that was loads of fun. I hope the folks that participated had as much fun as I did. I'm mailing out their freebees tomorrow.

Ok I have to get back to writing.. OH.. check out the website and links to free reads..

see you around

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Have you ever read, the School of Gallantry, Mistress of Pleasure?

If you have you probably laughed at the prospect of a young woman's shock when her beloved Grandmama is exposed as a Courtesan. She reads sexually explicit books and when she works to loose her virginity at a grand ball, all things go wrong.

Of course, yes she ends up with her hero. With that said, and her second book in the series , LORD OF PLEASURE recieving RAVE reviews ( Five stars at HRC) How is it that this happens?? Please read below and see if you can't help by requesting a copy of Mistress of Pleasure and making that early purchase of Lord Of Pleasure both from Kensington

Lord of Pleasureby Delilah MarvellePublished: August 2009Publisher: Zebra Kensington DebutISBN: 9781420104493Page Count: 407
Read the review here

Mistress Of Pleasure 978-1-4201-0448-6 Author: Delilah MarvellePub Date : September 2, 2008Imprint : ZebraFormat : Paperback
(Going to reprint so request)
This title is currently unavailable from Kensington Publishing. Please try to order this book from:,,,,

My dearest Readers,

Despite being sold out of my first print run and going to reprint soon for Mistress of Pleasure, Kensington will not be renewing my contracts citing lack of sales.

So I have a favor to ask everyone. I am looking to do one last huge push for Lord of Pleasure so that this series doesn't die a sad pathetic death. I'm hoping everyone can help by blogging, pitching, sending out newsletters, telling their brothers and sisters, ANYONE to buy the damn book when it comes out August 4th, to show to the publisher that this series DOES matter.

You can also send them to my website

The campaign is called Save the School of Gallantry Series. I'm also having a contest, which everyone can post everywhere.

The contest is as follows: From August 4 until August 28, anyone who e-mails me at with the School's quote from Lesson 27, will be entered to win one of three $50 Visa Cards. Winners will be contacted via e-mail by September 10th. I appreciate all the support!!!

Cheers and much love, Delilah

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I've been waiting for what seems like ages for the next book in the School of Gallantry to arrive and it appears my wait has not been in vain. Look what is being said about Delilah Marvelle's newest addition!

Lord of Pleasureby Delilah MarvellePublished: August 2009Publisher: Zebra Kensington DebutISBN: 9781420104493Page Count: 407Reviewer: Mary Gramlich

Mary says, " Lady Charlotte Chartwell is a self respecting widow - she really is. Right at this moment, while trolling up and down the street, you could not prove it to anyone, including Charlotte. But she knew at one time that she had been. At that moment she was trying to find a man, any man, who would step up and take care of her and help save her from total despair and ruin. After her husband, the late Lord Chartwell, was murdered by one of his many lovers Charlotte tried many different household positions that just did not work out. It appeared that her late husband was not the only man who found it impossible to keep their hands to themselves and their pants buttoned. "

Ah man, I'm gonna have to make a VERY LARGE pitcher of lemonade for this one! What a great premise for a book. Smacks with todays worry on the economy no doubt we are going to be able to identify with Poor Charlotte Chartwell. A cheating husband, a wife NO widow thats having to resort to prostitution to make ends meet.. Holy Toledo Batman, gonna need a fan.

She goes on... " Lord Alexander William Baxendale, the third Earl of Hawksford, while finding himself lured by her seductive voice and beautiful face, knew that what Charlotte was proposing is unacceptable. While he wants her desperately from the moment of their first touch, he will not destroy what little respectability he has left with the ton. For too many years he let himself run wild and had gained a reputation as the Lord of Pleasure, priding himself on his ability to give as much pleasure as he gave. But those days were over and respectability is the time he now lives in. "

Yeah there is that wrinkle in time the Ton.. Bless the upper crust. Poor thing beauty is a waste on the poor huh? Reputation as the Lord of Pleasure.. oh be still my heart. Respectablility??? Are we, the readers of regency, now laying bets! How soon will pleasure over ride respectability.

HCI and Mary give Delilah Marvelle's newest addition 5 stars, their highest rating.. Mary even says, "Unbelievable! How can it be possible for your second book to be better than the first in a series? When you have read book two you will know just how you take the series to the next step and what a huge step this one is. While the first book was enchanting and well written, this second book is erotic and enticing. "

Having read the School of Gallantry, I can not wait for August to arrive. I will be standing outside the local book store those sawbucks pressed into my clammy fingers waiting anxiously to put my mitts on this new book Lord of Pleasure. OH, I s ure hope she is planning book three, four,, could we even have a fifth? Oh Miss Marvelle, I want some more!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome those lazy days of Summer

Warm nights and tropical breezes are blowing. So set up that lawn chair or hammock and settle down to some good summer reading. Today I'm over at Liana's Place talking about my up coming releases. Slide over and take a look at what Red Rose is releasing for me in July.

Out now are Having Faith in e book and print from / Holding on to Hope in eformat from Red Rose Publishing.

Be sure to check out my website as well. We're running a contest that takes you piggyback across America. I provide the questions and websites-You provide the answers and turn it in on July 3 for a summer fun time pack. So join in the fun at

Look for guest authors coming soon with their releases!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Its May, Its May the lusty month of May

With that said, I'm going to post a naughty little snippet from my second book Holding on to Hope from Red Rose Publishing.

Holding on to Hope
Book two Sweetbrier Academy
Mainstream Romace: Historical/Period, WesternISBN: 978-1-60435-297-9pages:227 pages
Cost: 3.99

Sweetbrier Academy is more than just a school. The young ladies lucky enough to be accepted are educated in the social graces that only the wealthiest debutantes of 1870 would have learned. They can play the spinet, embroider, discuss politics, and issues of importance like any lady, but when the lights go down, the debutantes of Sweetbrier know how to make use of their God given talents and bring pleasure to their suitors.
When Miss Opal Benedict, Madame of the Academy, is called out of town, Hope finds Panther's Landing's doctor, the dashing Jonathan Norris paying court. When his attentions become obvious, they find themselves caught in a storm of their own creation. Their lust for one another becomes the object of unwanted attention in a most unflattering way.
When influenza strikes, Dr. Jonathan Norris must choose between his career or the woman who has captured his soul.

Read an excerpt here:

“Come to me,” she repeated. “I want to love you. I need to be loved by you. I need to spend forever in your arms and if that can’t be, then let me spend tonight and be satisfied, even if just for a little while.”
He couldn’t deny her request. He wanted her for the same reasons. Lowering his body to the bed, his lips brushed hers. He felt her hands move from his waist to shoulders. Hope’s fingers widened and splayed across his chest to toy with the hairs. He kissed her forehead.
“You could have any girl in town. Why me? Why am I so lucky?” she questioned, lifting her body upwards she brushed her lips across his jaw and down his neck. He fell back, melting to the mattress.
“Hope,” he murmured, his left hand moving with her as she rose to her knees and hovered over him. “There is no woman in town I want.”
“Do you want me?” she gave a coy smile and dipped her head to kiss the tiny scar over his right chest.
“You know I want you,” he groaned, as her tongue traced the distance left and traced the circle of his nipple. “You complete me.”
“Hum,” she acknowledged his comment and let her fingers drift down below his waist to the curls just above the prize that lay beneath. Her fingers ran along the velveteen muscles of his erection and felt him tighten. His hand tipped her chin up and he claimed her lips. Wrapping her fingers around his erection, she began to stroke until she felt the pearl bead slid from his tip.
She felt his tongue tease the edge of her lips. She answered by opening her mouth. He needed no other invitation and plunged in stroking her cheeks making her tongue dance to his tune. When she could feel his hips move with her hand, she stopped.

Hum HUm Hum gotta pull out my fan, this southern bell is a bit hot.. my, my...
Be sure to check out my website we've got a fun contest coming up for June! See you there!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New review for Sweetbrier

Long and Short Reviews known as LASR had given a review for Sweetbrier Academy.

Here are some of the wonderful things that the reviewer had to say.

"Having Faith, the first book in a series that provides a fascinating look at Sweetbriar Academy, a house of elegant and well-educated courtesans, is a touching story full of heart and passion."

"Despite her profession there is an innocence about Faith that I found quite refreshing and fascinating. She comes across as very sweet and soft-hearted and I enjoyed her interactions with the other characters of the story. I longed to know more about this intriguing character and couldn’t wait to see how the story would go as Faith finds herself caught in the middle of a battle between two determined men."

"With this book, Ms. O’Berry manages to give her courtesans and paramours heart, elegance, and class as they take pride in their occupation as they seek to improve their lives and take control of their own destiny. "

"I do wish we could have learned a bit more about the pasts of Faith and Opal, the proprietress of the Academy, and what led them to choose the life they lead. I would also like to know what becomes of Faith and Opal and hope that is answered in future books."

"If Having Faith is what one can expect with Ms. O’Berry’s Sweetbriar Academy series, it should definitely be an entertaining series of reads."

Sounds like a call for more in the series to me! Gonna be a very busy year!

Whoo hooo..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Early morning sun rise

What is it about daylight savings time that makes sleep so elusive?

I find myself waking now at 5:50 am no matter the time I lay my head upon the pillow. I must have reached that magical age, just before seniality when my cells are dying at such an unusual rate my body can't cope. So now, I stay awake just to make sure all my work is done before God calls cause we know...

Women are the ones that get up two to three times a night to check on children, make sure the doors are locked, and the pets inside. So if God comes, we're not in the bed. So who does God take? Why of course your husband. He's still in the bed sleeping away. Not even the dropping of the Atomic Bomb could shake the snoring. He's there. So he gets "the call".

And you wondered why men die young?

Friday, March 27, 2009

who hooo check out the new group at Red Rose's blog


I've been asked to join a group of five other authors at Red Rose Publishing. Won't you join us in our launch as we begin a new blog spot Roses of Prose on blogger.

At noon, on the we'll be announcing a contest that will run the entire month of April. Stop by and read all about it ... from authors Lisa Lipsking Leibow, Amber Leigh Williams, Laura Breck, Kianna Alexander, and myself.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

One review in for Sweetbrier...

Being a paramour at Sweetbrier Academy has its advantages. Faith is educated in politics, language and of course, love. When three men play a high-stakes card game to win a night in her arms, she can't help but want only one man to win. Thaddeus Oakley. He may not be the richest man at the table, but he certainly was the most attractive. But after one night in his arms, can she walk away? Or will Thaddeus change her life forever?

The slow sweet southern arousal of the Sweetbrier Academy ladies will capture you with this first book, and have you coming back for more. Ms. O'Berry weaved a wonderful twist in the worlds oldest profession.. Faith and Thaddeus are perfect for each other and look past the worlds critical eyes to make love work.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Barbara Vey

Barbara Vey from Publishers Weekly is holding a blowout party on her blog. Won't you go join in and see what great prizes you can win....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Holding your work in your hands...

There's nothing like holding a paper back book in your hands and turning it over to see your name across the front. Its a good feeling to know you polished that manuscript and got it out there.
Today, Amazon released Sweetbrier Academy Book One Having Faith. You can purchase it in print for 8.99
Of go to the site and pick up an e format pdf book.

Not only that but read the blurb and excerpt for book two Holding on to Hope which is also available in e formats for 3.99 . Let me know what you think.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

On writing

I'm the type of writer that has a general concept for a story, however if I were to write a full blown synopsis before dampening that first page with ink, the story would not get finished. I have two novels that are done with plot by plot outlines and I can not bring myself to finish them. That doesn't mean I am not writing. It just proves that for me this process doesn't work. Possilbly I need more discipline or training, but I have to be allowed some creative lee way otherwise for me the process is over and done.

I am in the middle of revamping a work and halfway through a western that friends tell me not to write because historicals are everywhere. Unfortunately, I can't stop what comes from my brain. I can get it done. I can put it away in a folder for later. Like a tidbit of sweet treat for my eyes and my heart, but I will have to write it.

So off I go back in time when men were men and women were glad of it...
Nancy O

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Release of Sweetbrier Academy Book Two Holding on to Hope

“Why,” she asked again moving around and pouring some water into the washbowl.
He took the cloth and dipped it and began to clean the crust of blood from his face. He could see her through the mirror folding his shirt carefully to lay it upon the chair. Pausing, Jonathan draped the cloth over the edge of the bowl and turned toward her. He spoke softly, “I did it for you.”
“Me? I’m not worth this. Jonathan, look at you.”
He could see tears threatening.
“That man would have killed you and because of me.”
He watched her put her hands together and take a deep breath. “I’m not worth it,” she whispered twisting her fingers.
His fingers reached out and traced the pulp of the tomato still evident on her cheek. “Had they stones, do you think they would have given a moment’s hesitation. No, my love, they would have used them.”
“But you put yourself in danger for me.”
“People in love do that,” Jonathan assured her turning back he picked up the cloth and looked at her reflection.
“This was because of me, my occupation.” Hope stated.
“This was because they were ignorant. They couldn‟t see what I saw. A woman of impeccable beauty with a heart so big she could share it with a lonely old man.”
“You’ve lost your practice.”
He shrugged. “That can be started again. I came here only as a replacement until Doctor Griffin could return.”
“What will you do now?” Her voice was soft.
He put down the cloth, turned and took her into his arms. “I plan on marrying you and starting my life over.”
“It’s not right. You shouldn’t have to.” She backed away.
“I’ve never chosen the easy way, Hope. I believed in the Union cause. I gave up my home, moved my family to where I thought it safe. In that process, I lost my wife and child.”
“I can’t let you do this. You’ve lost so much already.”
He watched as her fingers of her right hand twisted the fingers on her left. “No, Hope,” he took a step forward. His hands folded over hers. “I am a believer in the man upstairs. He doesn’t take this earth lightly. Come, sit.”
He led her over to the bed and they sat together. “I married my first wife because it seemed to be the thing to do. Her father was my partner. When he died she had no one to take care of her. So, I took up the cause.”
“You loved her, you told me you did.”
“I loved her in a simple way. Not the way that I love you. Hope, you bring out the passion in me.” He cupped her cheek. “One look from you and I find myself thinking of ways to get you here, in this bed. For the past two nights, my first memory in the morning is your face and my last before I nod off is the thought of holding you in my arms.”
His hand reached over and pushed the emerald back on her finger. “I choose you because this time the good Lord is allowing me to find love. He has molded me through strife to understand how precious it is. Please, do me the honor of becoming my wife. I will make it my duty that you will never want for anything.”

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter hangs on

I know, I know you could have told me the ground hog saw his shadow. Sigh but I did hope when the air warmed up last week and we had 70 and nearly 80 degree weather. Oh yeah, I was so spoiled. Now I'm back to sweatshirts, socks, thermals.. sighhhhhhh..... oh spring where are you?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February the month of love

Interesting thing about that. It seems that love is in the eye of the beholder. Each of us see in our own fashion what is pleasing to some, is not pleasing to all. There is a scientific explaination that has to do with the rods and the concept of light hitting an object and what I see is contrary to what you see. Which makes the whole notions of love more cut and dry.

I'd like to think that love is finding that soul mate. The person who loves you for no matter what. The person that will fuss and argue with you when you are doing things that could put you in danger either by words or actions.

Finding your soul mate ... Ah, there is the challenge.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Death of the Dish Fairy...

I know I should be writing about books and the process of being published but I'm in mourning...

As many of you know, I live an predominately male household. I do the cooking, the cleaning, the doggie sitting, the bovine nurturing. I’m even responsible for the hay and corn run each week. So last night after baby sitting the grandson, I was tired. I resorted to the low devilish trick of using a banquet lasagna dinner.My family sat down and began to eat. It was at this point that things began to get a bit rough.
My twenty-one year old son, who is the fire fighter, remarked how he cooked a pork roast for the firehouse and “Gosh, gee, mom, ( where is Wally and the Beaver) if any had been left I’d have brought you some?” (Damn, Eddie Haskell lives in my house)
Yeah, I was so thrilled. I put my fork down and gave that look. You mothers out there know what I’m talking about. The look over the glasses, the one void of any emotion, the one that says check behind you there’s an ass kicking coming - and said, “You cooked?”
I’ve haven’t seen an Adam’s apple bobble so since the last public hanging. He could only nod as the color left his cheeks, the poor fuzz cheeks that they are.
I smiled brightly. Good, I’m serving notice that I’m not cooking next Sunday. I can’t wait to see what you’ll fix.
“Oh but mom it’s different when I’m at the station. Everybody helps.” At this point somewhere in his brain he should have heard taps being played.
Yeah, my fingers began drumming on the table. My husbands got up, slid his plate and drink to the edge, and sat down, the chair angled ready to bolt.Really?
Again that wild bobbing of the Adam’s apple. HUM…..Then my son picked up a terrible stutter.
I raised one eyebrow worthy of a Vulcan, and said. “Good since you understand help. I cooked. You clear the table and wash the dishes."
Hum… I cleared the table and went to work on my novel.
This morning, I scraped the sauce off my plates and washed the dishes.

Better break it to your children, the dish fairy is dead tonight and the tooth fairy is most likely next.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Edits and buzz

Wow, I just finished going over the second round of edits for my second book in a series. Its nerve wracking everytime I see my editor's name on the emails. I can feel my heart pounding, I get light headed and my fingers tremble. I fear the worse but her kind comments always make me feel so much better. I've been told I need to promote more. I also need to play up the angle of know ...S - E - X. I'm not a prude. I KNOW thats how we all got here save one but geezzzzzzzzzzz... to me its like the bonus to a good story not the central key. but for the sake of argument. I am going to put a little whoo hooo on the blog here for titilating interest. From Sweetbrier Academy Book One, Having Faith... 2.99 e print download at ...

“Miss Benedict says that our rooms should offer comfort. They should make a man feel at home, not that he has to get in, get it done, and be gone in the next minute,” she replied.
Her voice was a bit hushed. Thaddeus turned and found her leaning against the door. The corners of her mouth turned in a coy response and he heard the lock turn. “May I pour you a drink?” she asked moving away from the doorway to the small decanter on the table near the basin and pitcher.
“Yeah, a small one,” he replied. Standing in the center of the room, near the bed, he wondered where to sit, the only chair too small to hold his frame.
As if sensing his dilemma, Faith whispered. “You may sit on the bed.”
He turned and looked at the large feather bed, “Thanks.”
Easing his frame down, Thaddeus savored the softness rubbing his hand across the satin ticking of the comforter. Across the way, the cork pop from the bottle and the soft flow of liquid poured into the glass. The soft whispers of her slippers against the carpet made him look in anticipation at her direction. In her hand she held one goblet of golden bubbles
“Champagne” He acknowledged, reaching for the glass.
Faith stopped him with a shake of her head. Her lips pursed. He watched hypnotized as she ran a finger around the lip of the glass before dipping inside. Then lifting her hand, a single drop of the beverage fell into her opened mouth. Below his waist, Thaddeus felt himself rise.
“Ummm,” Her throat warbled the sound as she plunged her finger back into the drink, and then held it aloft for the second time.
Thaddeus needed no coaxing. He opened his mouth and allowed the nectar to fall into his lips. Peach, it tasted of peach. As she pulled away, he reached out and took her finger into his mouth. With slow diligence, his tongue began to stroke the single digit of her hand. First, down one side, then across to the other, finally he rolled his tongue around the length of it and drew firm against the skin.Book Two Holding on to Hope coming soon

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Passing the torch

There are few moments in history that transcend time, move men to tears, or change the course of history. Today is such a day. The landscape of America has changed. Our country has chosen a man that is both African American and European American, a blend of the two races that ultimately founded this great country. It is the quiet wisdom, and grace that Obama shows in his leadership that makes this transistion possible. No other candidate can do this. The great architect of the universe takes few men and molds them to allow greatness to shine foth. We saw it in Washington who taught us how to lead. We saw it in Jefferson and Adams who crafted this magnificent building document made up of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, we learned the great strength from Lincoln who brought our country through the struggles of the issues that divided us with the thought that “Malice toward none and charity for all” should be applied. Now in his hour of triumph, Obama took time to honor his opponent, to offer the olive branch. His words will bring pleasure to our ears and soothe our souls as we begin to rebuild our nation. God Bless America and the men and omen who serve, who defend, and provide leadership. I am proud to be an American.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Contest by author

So here is the plan, this question will be open from January 9th to January 23, 2009. If you purchase a copy of Sweetbrier Academy Book One Having Faith. Email me @ with the words HAVING FAITH CONTEST in the subject line, the answer and chapter you found the answer in, as well as, your SNAIL mail address and I will send you a gift. One lucky winner will win a paperback copy of Book One signed by the author as soon as it is released..

Remember to get all answers in by January 23, 2009. I will post the winner on my website:
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and on the readers loop for Red Rose Publishing on January 24, 2009

Contest Question:
In which state did Thaddeus Oakley hail from?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Romancing the blog

What is romance?

Romance can simply be the love of life or the pursuit of love. In all things there is romance. We tend to glorify the idea that love is eternal, love can mend a broken heart, love can send us over the moon, and love can even descend into maddness. The simple belief in such things has led writers to pursue the idea of what if for centuries.

So What if?
Who are some of your more memorible romantic hero's? and why?

I think as I began reading one of my first romantic hero's was Prince Valiant in the funny papers. Every Sunday I snatch the brightly colored page and read and re read the story line. I can remember when his twin girls were born, when the eldest son and Nathan the youngest. Even today, I like to get up early make my cup of tea and sit back reading the storyline.

I assume the attachment is the slendor of King Author's court, the idea of Knights of the Round Table, perhaps the folklore that surround the whole medevil period. Here was a man self assured who could whittle an army of hording invaders down to size with just his "singing sword". Ah, my type of man. Riding in on that white charger and carry me off to some secure haven.

Who are some of the others you might remember?
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