Sunday, May 31, 2020


Life holds no promise.
Life gives no power.
Life is not guaranteed.

But we have the power to change all that.
What is the promise we wish to see? If we break it down from the power of want, hate, greed, envy, happiness, most will choose happiness. All of us wear our rose colored glasses. Those who knock them askew bring out our anger. So choose, not to anger.
The hardest thing one can do is to love.

The word only has four letters. Yet, many of us struggle a lifetime to find it. Love is simple. Love knows no bounds. If you need reassurance on this part, look to a child for they love with out restraint.

But life is hard.
Life is hard because it requires us to live. It holds no promise of a long or a short life. It merely gives us a place to begin and a place to end. The middle is all on us. So choose wisely. Choose joy, laughter, a hug, a kiss. Just like the Grinch, you will find that your heart grows for it will show no bounds.

Life is not guaranteed.
No. There is no way to return it. There are no replacement parts. Life is what we make of it. We are given a small part of time. Which is why the importance of the word present makes sense. Each day is a new gift, a new beginning. As smarter people than I have said, "It comes softly, without pretense, it is heralded only by the dawns golden light. Unwrapped, it awaits for us to take center stage and engage with the other actors around us for good or for bad. When the soft, pale light fades into the twinkle of darkness, we are left to account for our struggles. Make sure there are no regrets.

So choose life.
So choose laughter.
So choose love - of self, of others, of our planet.
Make your day something to remember.  

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Just thinking....

Spring is now upon us, what do y'all look for this season?

I, for one, am looking forward to getting some sun on my face. It has been so cold and rainy that I'm beginning to think moss is a new anti aging cream.

Are y'all looking forward to warm weather?

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year! New Goals!

It's hard to believe we have survived the first decade of the new millennium, but opening your eyes this morning was the first step. With each new year, we can begin our lives on a new page. For me, this year is all about getting myself organized, keeping life manageable, and living my dream of writing.

To write is, of course, a verb. It is something all of us do. I am hoping to do it with a little more pizazz than I did last year. I plan on tweaking some old stories and creating some new. In that end, it is important that I read. The more one reads, the more diverse your sentence structure and word use becomes. So, I am planning to spend an hour a day reading.

How many of you received gift cards for the holidays? Those gift cards are your tickets to old reliable friends and new acquaintances. With the birth of E Readers, you can store so many more books on your devices and carry them any where - as long as you don't forget your passwords.  One of the many on my device that I haven't read is Hoppy Holiday Homicide by Molly Fritz. I'm going to begin this story.

Who will join me?
One book a week will equal 52 books in 2020.
I think it's a due able goal.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Is Saturday still your chore day?

Happy Saturday, Y'all!

It's going to be a busy morning on the farm. I've fed the horses, but there's about 5 acres of grass to mow and some laundry to do. Of course, I've got some ideas jotted down for the story. How many of you remember your parents having designated chores for each day of the week? My mom was a stickler for:

  1. Wash on Monday
  2. Dust on Tuesday
  3. Clean woodwork on Wednesday
  4. Mop on Thursday
  5. Groceries on Friday
  6. Grass had to be done on Saturday
  7. Sunday was for church and family. 

Of course that was before work days were seven days long. Growing up we had blue law days. Stores closed on Sunday except for grocery and pharmacies. Some days I wish we'd go back to that. Everyone needs a day of rest. I think the chasing of the all mighty dollar has gotten a wee bit out of hand. That being said, I'm off to do my best to contribute to the economy.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

National Women's Friendship Day!

National  Women's Friendship Day says a lot about each one of us. Friendship is important in life. A friend is someone who makes work comfortable. They know you well and still love you for your faults, your accomplishments. They are a supporter, a sympathizer, and extension of your inner self or who  you strive to be.

A good friend will also tell you what you don't want to hear. They pick you up when you fall down. They let you cry, moan, shake your fist at the sky, then they tell you to pick up, put on your big girl panties and let's get it done. I'm so luck to have so many who I can count on.

Thank you -

Melissa Storm
Angi Demonti Heger
Aliyah Burke
Elsa Keyston
Sandi Fehr
C.L. Marconlini
Allie Marie
Julie Cerniglia Lence
Leanore Elliott
Wendi Jones
Nicole Andrews Moore
Alexandra Christie
Beth Muth
Angelia McClain
Bradlee Jennings
Susan Tisdale
Hannah Carey

So many more. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Meet the Brides of Rattlesnake Ridge

Last week the wonderful folks at Sweet Promise Press released the last of six books in the first wave of mail order brides that venture to the mythical town of Rattlesnake Ridge.

Six books:

Arriving from Arkansas

Coming from California

Moving from Maryland

Riding from  Richmond

Drifting from Deadwood

Traveling from Texas

I hope you'll take time to go to Amazon to check out these fantastic, sweet reads,  over at Amazon.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

New Release

Just released yesterday, December 28th, my newest sweet contemporary for Sweet Promise Press.

Vivyane Scott dreams of being on the silver screen. Unfortunately, life seems to have other plans. The death of her beloved grandfather brings her back home, where she learns he has purchased the Lone Star Movie Theater for her. The theater, like her dreams, is in tatters.

Bo Walker loves to renovate aging buildings from Sweet Grove’s past. He agrees to look at a building for his brother and a group of investors, when a chance meeting turns his hopes around leading to something more wonderful than he could ever image. It pays never hide your light under a bushel basket. Who knows, maybe, Vivyane's passion for the arts will be big enough for both of them. All he has to do is hold on to his Lucky Star.

I just love the cover. I hope you'll enjoy the story. You can find the book at these locations:

Or here :

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