Saturday, June 20, 2009


I've been waiting for what seems like ages for the next book in the School of Gallantry to arrive and it appears my wait has not been in vain. Look what is being said about Delilah Marvelle's newest addition!

Lord of Pleasureby Delilah MarvellePublished: August 2009Publisher: Zebra Kensington DebutISBN: 9781420104493Page Count: 407Reviewer: Mary Gramlich

Mary says, " Lady Charlotte Chartwell is a self respecting widow - she really is. Right at this moment, while trolling up and down the street, you could not prove it to anyone, including Charlotte. But she knew at one time that she had been. At that moment she was trying to find a man, any man, who would step up and take care of her and help save her from total despair and ruin. After her husband, the late Lord Chartwell, was murdered by one of his many lovers Charlotte tried many different household positions that just did not work out. It appeared that her late husband was not the only man who found it impossible to keep their hands to themselves and their pants buttoned. "

Ah man, I'm gonna have to make a VERY LARGE pitcher of lemonade for this one! What a great premise for a book. Smacks with todays worry on the economy no doubt we are going to be able to identify with Poor Charlotte Chartwell. A cheating husband, a wife NO widow thats having to resort to prostitution to make ends meet.. Holy Toledo Batman, gonna need a fan.

She goes on... " Lord Alexander William Baxendale, the third Earl of Hawksford, while finding himself lured by her seductive voice and beautiful face, knew that what Charlotte was proposing is unacceptable. While he wants her desperately from the moment of their first touch, he will not destroy what little respectability he has left with the ton. For too many years he let himself run wild and had gained a reputation as the Lord of Pleasure, priding himself on his ability to give as much pleasure as he gave. But those days were over and respectability is the time he now lives in. "

Yeah there is that wrinkle in time the Ton.. Bless the upper crust. Poor thing beauty is a waste on the poor huh? Reputation as the Lord of Pleasure.. oh be still my heart. Respectablility??? Are we, the readers of regency, now laying bets! How soon will pleasure over ride respectability.

HCI and Mary give Delilah Marvelle's newest addition 5 stars, their highest rating.. Mary even says, "Unbelievable! How can it be possible for your second book to be better than the first in a series? When you have read book two you will know just how you take the series to the next step and what a huge step this one is. While the first book was enchanting and well written, this second book is erotic and enticing. "

Having read the School of Gallantry, I can not wait for August to arrive. I will be standing outside the local book store those sawbucks pressed into my clammy fingers waiting anxiously to put my mitts on this new book Lord of Pleasure. OH, I s ure hope she is planning book three, four,, could we even have a fifth? Oh Miss Marvelle, I want some more!!!!!

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