Monday, August 31, 2009

When you get lemonaide ...

Ok, I admit it. Sigh, I was very very low this weekend. Somehow even with a great protection, a malicious spyware weaseled its way through. No amount of running an anti spyware has gotten rid of it. So the computer is in the shop to be fix. At 8 years old, they may be able to do no more than rescue the material.

We have up graded and I'm having to learn a new system as well as retrieve any blurbs from emails. So as I went about the tedious work of shifting for information, my publisher sent me a review that just made my day.

The review is from Dark Divas site located at

I enjoyed this book even after the last page was turned. Mrs. Opal and her girls are a true delight. I could not help but laugh.

Holding on to Hope is set in a time when men did not consort with ladies of the evening outside of a whore house.

Sometimes you have no choice with whom you fall in love. Hope and Johnathon are two darling characters. Hope is no shrinking violet. She knows what she wants, as well as gets it. Now all she has to do is convince her cowboy of that.

Johnathon, aka “Doc”, is what every woman wants and needs in a man. He is Hotter than Sin!

Nancy O`Berry created a wonderful series that I, for one, cannot wait to discover the whole series. Holding onto Hope is book 2, and Faith and Charity's books are out now. Come feel what it was like long time ago, when passions ran high.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Deb!

WOW instead of going to bed with a heavy heart, I could go to bed and giggle. Dr. Jonathan Norris, what every woman wants and needs in a man. He's hotter than sin! giggle Oh yeah.....


Clare Revell said...

Malwarebytes is brilliant at getting rid of nasties. My son (while downloading a proxy to get onto a site i'd blocked!!) very kindly downloaded winfix.exe for me - one of the nastiest trojans around that not only likes sites fo dubious natures but hijakcs your browser, screensaver and desktop.

malwarebytes got rid of it. it runs quietely in the background - more than can be said for norton - didn't cost much and is pretty much an invisible knight in armour.

Nancy said...

Hi Clare,

Yes son and friend who are my resident geeks on call helped with some fire stuff and we placed it on the new computer. The other maybe toast.. ugh.. I've had it for nearly 10 years it ran very slow even with high speed so its earned a rest. once I get it back up it will be the one to work on without emails at all. LOL.. thank you for your support.

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