Friday, April 3, 2009

Early morning sun rise

What is it about daylight savings time that makes sleep so elusive?

I find myself waking now at 5:50 am no matter the time I lay my head upon the pillow. I must have reached that magical age, just before seniality when my cells are dying at such an unusual rate my body can't cope. So now, I stay awake just to make sure all my work is done before God calls cause we know...

Women are the ones that get up two to three times a night to check on children, make sure the doors are locked, and the pets inside. So if God comes, we're not in the bed. So who does God take? Why of course your husband. He's still in the bed sleeping away. Not even the dropping of the Atomic Bomb could shake the snoring. He's there. So he gets "the call".

And you wondered why men die young?

1 comment:

Clare Revell said...

5.50am is a lie in lol. Try my normal waking time of 3am, no matter when I go to bed.

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