Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm feeling as if the world is passing by...

The past two weeks have been strange ones. I have felt as if the world was passing me by. I can't get enough work done or fast enough to get stories out. Yes I am at the querry, the synopsis stage of two stories one a romantic suspense, the other a historical.

I think it has to do with the process of writing the query. The idea of trying to sell yourself. I'm not good at that one. I'm more the, ok I have a story. I think its pretty good. Would you like to look at it. I can't do the Well, this is the greatest story since holes were put in swiss cheese for the mice to come through. Nope, its not me.

I'm the type of person that doesn't toot. My mother taught me that less often is more. If you put out good works others will discover you. She never tried to be the latest or the greatest. She was one of those honest, quiet people but had the greatest courage I know.

So, I working writing. Watching the world go by. I hope there is a brass ring for me to grab.

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