Friday, July 31, 2009


Giving in to Charity was reviewed by you gotta read..

I have to say I was very nervous about his book. It was the first time that I attempted a interracial relationship and had my heroine also of mixed race.

As this story goes, Charity is an extraordinary beauty a daughter of a house servant and a French aristocrate who dallied then left. She was brought up in the main house until the Civil War then, her beauty and the war itself drove her from the home and to Miss Benedict's door.

Now unable to follow her main paramour to Washington because she is "part black" Charity takes a job as a personal secretary to Tobias Meriwether, a genteel Silver Baron with his own dark secrets.

The reviewer, Roberta, said this: "Some of the issues discussed in this book are still relevant today. The one most prevalent in this book and in today's society is racism. I was humbled at how the author dealt with this situation and did so with grace and dignity. I want to thank the author, Nancy O'Berry, for a beautiful and entertaining love story."

I sat at my computer and tears flowed. I have never gotten such a pat on the back. I really felt as if I'm doing the right thing by writing. If you'd like to read the rest of this review please go to..

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