Wednesday, November 4, 2009


What's great about being a writer is that you grow. We begin with simple sentences. Then as our lives revolve around others and link with feeling, we change. We describe, we expound, and we learn the art of creating visual representations.

For some this part of our education is hard for others its easy. Some of us still work at it. But the more we work, the greater the understanding. I'm working. I doing my best to learn and to understand. I ask questions-a lot. Often those get me in trouble but I'll ask anyway. AND sometimes they lead me toward wonderful things.

This week was full of wonderful things. My writing has led me to creating a story for the Susan G. Komen group and giving my royalties to fight the cause. My publisher, Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing are behind me and helping me to set this up. Giving back to those who helped my mother, my aunts is extraordinary. I'm honored to be a part of Red Rose Publishing and to be associated with such a warm caring publisher.

Another wonderful thing is getting in touch with agents. I'm happy to announce that I'm talking with a wonderful woman who would like to represent me and I'd be honored to be represented by, Jewelann Cone of the Atlantis Literary Agency.

When you look for an agent, you look for someone who understands your manuscript. You look at someone who "gets" your voice or your use of language. I think I've found such a person in Jewelann Cone.

I look forward to the day we sign that contract and I continue to learn under her guiding hands. Life changes are all part of growing. We grow, we change. All is very, very good. My life is full.

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LK Hunsaker said...

I love watching growth as a writer, also.

Very nice idea to donate a story to!

Hope your agent works out well for you. :-)

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