Sunday, October 4, 2009

American's new direction

The American Civil War had shaken the nation to its core and awakened the sleeping giant of Industrialization. The years following the Civil War 1866 through 1900 found our nation actively rebuilding itself.

It was a time of personal, social, and economic turn. the Gilded Age brought out the worst in humanity, case of greed, graft, and poverty streamed out of control. A devastated south tried to bring its cities back to life under an unforgiving thumb and lashed out against their fellow man when their efforts seem thwarted. It was an age of excess that contrasted the poor against the wealthy robber barons. The "Age of Excess" that truly portrayed the lead beneath the gilded over-lay of gold.

This is the period I love to write about - to explore - to see the changes in our nation that made us what we are today. I sometimes wonder if we learned those lessons.

Join me as we explore the wonders and sadness of the Gilded age and meet some writer friends along the way.

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