Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Letter from Lucy

Dear Santa,

I am writing you this letter in case you don't know that I'm now at the Flying W near Cordial, Texas. My Aunt Holly drove the wagon over all the way from Kansas and we were nearly eaten by wolves but Mr. Winters, he and Joe shot them before they could eat Jack and Bennie. I am glad about that.

But Santa, I really want to make this Christmas special. I all ready have all I want. I have Holly, Mr. Winters, Joe, Abilene and Esmeralda. So you take my presents back. I'd like for you give my new friends something instead.

Chow Ming, who is the cook, like me he hasn't seen a Christmas.He's from China so maybe a nice tea cup. I will warn you not to bring him anything sharp. He had all ready got a meat clever that he waves around like a rolled up piece of paper ready to swat flies.

Joe, he could use a new pair of riding gloves. I saw a hold in the finger of his yesterday when he showed me how Star had taken to Abilene. Oh, Abilene is the orphan cow they found. They are gonna let me raise it. Star is a good momma now that she has two babies. She is very proud of them both.

Santa, if you could, I want you to bring Mr. Winters a new heart. His got broken when his first wife died. I heard him and Holly talking. I think my uncle Nicholas had something to do with it, but they grow all tight lipped when I come round. But, if Mr. Winters got a new heart, he could love my Aunt Holly, then we would not have to leave.

You see, I do not want to leave. I do not want to go any where else for Christmas or after. I love it here on the Flying W. I love everything. The funny way Red chews tobacco. How he can spit and hit the can from four feet away. Mr. Winters made me a Cowgirl in Training and I can't wait to learn how to ride and rope good enough to be just a plain old cowgirl.

So, that is my wish Santa. Please, let Holly and Mr. Winters fall in love. Then everything will be just right as rain. Give your reindeer and hug for me.

Lucy Watson

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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Merry Christmas

Monday, December 19, 2011

De-stress with todays fun

Please enjoy the link today... De-stress from the holidays

Happy Holidays from me to you all this week with fun snippets of life in America


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Highlander for the Holidays. By Janet Chapman

Okay, I was unsure when I began if I was gonna like this story. But I can tell you that there is an unusual magic in between the pages of this book. I can't explain it, nor do I want to but I have my suspicions that Rodger AuClair de Keagle had a hand in dictating this book himself. Any woman, worth her weight in salt would enjoy this story. The characters, the craft is spot on and well worth the time and effort to read. Effort- I'm laughing at my own words because this book reads like sitting down with old friends before a roaring fire. Aye, lass, no effort at all. Think of it as Miracle on 42cd Street for adults. I think I've found a wonderful new author.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Welcome Author L K Hunsaker

Hello Nancy and Nancy’s readers! It’s great to be here to talk with you about my latest release, Moondrops & Thistles!

Can you tell us a bit about your novel?

I’d love to! Daws, Sgt Fred Dawson, US Army, is a vampire... no, wait. Sorry. He isn’t. My daughter thinks he would make a good one, though.

What he really is: A stalwart soldier entrenched in his work. Strong and steady. Not easily flustered. Determined and capable and highly decorated. He has a subtle sense of humor he doesn’t often show. And he’s really pretty sexy with his large shoulders and cropped hair and Army-fit body.

Deanna is a fiery spirit on a mission. Independent and career-oriented. Prone to sarcasm. Artsy and intelligent and sensitive. She loves music that makes her move and movies that make her laugh. And her natural wavy deep red hair is an attention-getter even if she doesn’t think much about it.

Moondrops & Thistles is a story of the crash and merge of two strong spirits who are fine on their own but can’t help appreciating nightly talks to compare their days. It’s a story of society and relationships and cultural clashes and family history and love and understanding. It’s a story of sacrifice and healing. It’s part literary and fully romantic.

Will there be any sequels to this book?

In a way, Moondrops is a sequel to my 2009 release, Off The Moon. Except it’s set 9 years before even though it was written after, so it’s also a prequel of sorts. I tend to suggest readers start with Off The Moon and then move on (or back) to Moondrops & Thistles, if they want the whole experience. It’s not necessary. They each stand alone, and Off The Moon is the more intense of the two. So start with Moondrops and if the characters pull you enough, move along to Off The Moon! These characters will appear again in another story, although not a sequel exactly.

What sparks the heroine's interest in the hero?

Great question! When Deanna runs into Daws, she’s decided she’s fed up with men. She’s tired of lies and secrets and wants to find real straight-forward honesty. Daws is from NYC but stationed at Fort Drum, NY. When he gets sent home on leave after a couple of major incidents have him on edge, he wants something to make him feel alive again. Deanna sees his need for rescue, his vulnerability behind plenty of strength, his well-taught military bearing, and his humility. It all grabs her. Of course his looks don’t hurt anything.

When you are writing do you have any sort of quirks such as a certain type of music you listen to?

You know it depends on the day. My biggest constant is that in the morning, I always have a cup of coffee at my desk. In the afternoon and evening, I still have coffee, but it’s joined by a glass of ice water. And chocolate. I usually have some kind of dark chocolate on hand. Recently it’s Hershey’s Mint Truffle Kisses.

I often write in silence, but at times I have to put music on in order to help hold my focus. At times, it’s instrumental. I love David Garrett’s rock violin and Celtic music, and soundtracks such as the Pirates CDs, or classical such as Mozart, Tchaikovsky, or Spanish acoustic guitar. At other times, I’ll turn on the radio in another room to a pop station so I have the “company” of it without the lyrics close enough to interfere.

What is your favorite part of this story?

Oh, I’d have to say when they meet. That actually started as a free read short story to go along with Off The Moon, but I enjoyed their interaction enough I started to think there might be more to share. It has to be one of my favorite scenes I’ve written yet.

What do you have planned for the year 2012 in terms of writing?

I’m back to obsessively working on the third, fourth, and fifth book of the Rehearsal series and plan to get at least the 3rd one out in 2012. I’m also already working on the sequel for the series. Along with that, I’ve started a YA based on my main character in Finishing Touches, my first novel, with Jenna as a young girl finding and exploring her passion for art. I hope to have that one out before the end of the year, as well. There are a few other stories in progress and I never know when I’ll jump over to work on those, but my guess is some of them will get some attention through the next year.

Last where can readers find you?

All over the internet by searching LK Hunsaker! They can start here:

Moondrops on Facebook:
Facebook Author page:

I’m also on Goodreads where I do reviews and have a group for reader questions, on Myspace, Library Thing, and a dozen other spots. You can find them listed on my website.

Nancy, thanks so much for having me here! I’d love to give one commenter on this post the shorter, spicier ebook edition of Moondrops & Thistles. And be sure to stop by my blog for a chance to win a personally signed copy of the full version, plus a transforming mug with the wraparound cover, plus a Support Our Troops bracelet!

Friday, December 9, 2011

A letter to Miranda

Cordial, Texas December 1873

My dearest Miranda,

The chill of winter has descended over Cordial once more. I rode into the hills that look over our empty home and thought about you. I wondered if there are feelings in heaven, for if there are, you must surely know just how much I miss you.

Sam Russell suggested that I write this letter. He says I'm brooding too much, keeping myself on the ranch only going into town when we need supplies. However, who wishes such dire reminders, my love. Who would want to ride past the cold ground that covers your body and that of our child? Oh, for one more minute to hold you in my arms. To feel the warmth from your body against mine and to see the face of the child that died beneath your heart on that cold and fate filled Christmas Eve.

I confess, the idea of celebrating such a holiday settles upon my soul with such coldness that I fear I shall never be warm. I dread the shortening of days, the long lonely nights of winter. I hear the cry of the wind against the panes of our windows and it echo's my soul. If only I could block out that holiday, make it cease to exist, then perhaps I might continue on. Never the less it comes. Each and every year it comes and with it my hurt deepens. I fear nothing can save my soul, dearest Miranda. The only thing I look forward to is laying my tired body next to yours. You were my love of my life, my reason for living, with you gone, there is only a bleak future. How could a loving God, take you from me? I search my soul, but there is no answer.

Your loving husband,
Dobson Winters

A Cordial Christmas available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords

Dobson Winters is a miserable man. After his wife's death, he shut himself off from the rest of the world, but a deathbed ultimatum changes that. Now, he must find Holly Watson and marry her to save his soul. Redemption comes in an unexpected package and it takes the gift of a child's unconditional love to change a man heart.

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Check out Rachael Johns Blog....

I'm headed down under today on Rachael John's blog talking about my holiday story A Cordial Christmas. Won't you join me and stop by to wish our friends in Australia Happy Holidays...

Dobson Winters is a miserable man. After his wife's death, he shut himself off from the rest of the world, but a deathbed ultimatum changes that. Now, he must find Holly Watson and marry her to save his soul. Redemption comes in an unexpected package and it takes the gift of a child's unconditional love to change a man heart.

To purchase your copy of A Cordial Christmas for $0.99 please use the links below.
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