Thursday, December 31, 2009

Giving in to Charity has been nomintated for Book of the Month

You know, I almost emptied the spam this morning after receiving those "you have won" emails. Yet, I didn't. I'm so glad now that I didn't. My third book Giving in to Charity Sweetbrier Academy Book 3 has been nominated for book of the month. WOW, ok the only award I've ever gotten is "get out of jail free". I usually shy away from those things. So it was awesome to get the email out of the blue.

You can't nominate yourself. Your book has to be read, to strike a cord, to move one of the reviewers to nominate you. Therefore it is a true honor. If you'd like to read the review and an excerpt, I've placed them below as well as the link to vote. Thank you to the Dark Diva's for this kind and generous honor.

Nancy O'Berry has captured my heart with her Sweetbrier Academy Series I have read the first two books which include Hope and Faith's stories and I am so happy that Charity finally has a story of her own in Giving in to Charity. As I read along, I seem to lose myself into the time frame in which these stories take place—the formal gowns, society gatherings, and the intrigue that Nancy O'Berry creates.

I must say, out of the three books, this one is my favorite, which is saying a lot since I gave them all high marks. The era that is the back drop to this book has always fascinated me. A time where proper women looked down their noses at the less fortunate; sometimes, only to find themselves at the mercy of what is right. People will do anything when greed is involved.

Charity has, what some would call, a thick skin but she is a woman with a heart. I was surprised by the amount of information we get about Charity. Her character is right out in the open, her past to her future laid bare for us to see. It is always nice to get the back ground on a character.

Tobias is a man to be reckoned with. His character has so many facets to it; I often caught myself wondering if he was the real McCoy. He has the strength to hold his own with Charity—of course that’s after they work through some issues.

The secondary characters in Giving in to Charity are truly astonishing. On many occasions throughout this book, I wanted to slap Miss Violet in order to defend Charity. She was quite the villain.

I would love to see Opal and Howard finally get hitched and have their own story. They are both so dominate in all three books. They raised three amazing women.

Giving in to Charity is a delightfully sensual story about love, mystery and greed. A man will do anything for the silver running through the mines in Virginia City, and for the love of a good woman, no matter her past.

Nancy O'Berry is magnificently delicious! Come and visit Sweetbrier Academy, then you will know what it is like to relive the past.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Deb!

Read an excerpt here:
Tobias paced the length of the platform; his dark coat flapped in the cool breeze that swooped down from the mountains. A flat-brimmed, dark hat pulled down across his face so that only the edges of his rich auburn hair showed to the public. He’d stuffed his tan trousers to fit tight inside his tall riding boots. Hooking his thumbs in the leather of his suspenders with is right hand, he palmed the pocket watch from his vest with the other.

“She’s coming. Don’t fret so,” said the tall, white-haired gentleman leaning upon the post next to the ticket office.

“Oh, I believe she is a woman of her word,” Tobias replied, checking his watch against the large clock in the depot. “Got a few more minutes, Howard.” Slipping his watch back, Tobias took another drag on the cigar he held tight between his teeth.
Howard paused and took a deep breath. “Have you said anything to Miss Marsh about a personal secretary?”

Tobias’ mouth twitched. “No, I’m sure Miss Wilson’s never quite tackled a job such as this either. When they meet I’ll gladly do the introductions.”
Howard gave a grunt.

Tobias removed the cigar from his mouth and ground it out in the sand barrel. “Oh, yes, she’ll be here. Miss Benedict’s ladies are very reliable.”

“Poor Charity,” Howard chuckled.

“What?” Tobias inquired.

“I was just wondering if she knew what type of buzz saw she was walking into.” The tall man smiled and looked up the track. “Ah, I think our train is on the way.”
Tobias turned on his boot heel. Above the trees a plume of dark grey smoke rose in puffs. A deep dread formed a rock in the pit of his stomach. Had he done the right thing? Was it unfair to ask so much from a woman he hardly knew? Moving down to the edge of the platform, he already guessed the answer. She was the type of woman who wanted more. He knew he’d seen that kind of desire before. Mostly from men in the camps as they fought for what little was left behind. Tobias knew she would be a fighter. She had to be considering that she had survived the lean years of the war. Come to think of it, she deserved more.

“Well, it can’t be worried over now.” Howard nudged him with his elbow. “Put a smile on that mug of yours. We don’t want to scare Miss Charity off before she’s even begun.”

Tobias opened his mouth to reply, but the shrill whistle split the air, drowning out his words. The bold iron horse roared into the station. The weight of the metal wheels rumbling on the iron rails caused the ground to shake. The wheels ground to a halt with a loud scrape of metal. Belching steam from its pistons, the train obscured his vision with a white cloud. Tobias looked again at the platform. It appeared filled with all sorts of humanity. A cold sweat formed on his skin, and his hands trembled. After all these years, he still hated the sound of metal grinding. The memories of being in Andersonville flooded his mind.

“Tobias?” Howard’s tone of voice expressed his worry.

“F-Fine,” he stammered. Pulling himself together, he asked, “You see her?”

“Not yet, I think,” Howard responded, keeping Tobias in his worried glance. Slowly, the crowd parted.

Across the platform, a distinct figure materialized from the steam. Howard craned his neck to get a glimpse. The figure of a woman, medium height and slim build beneath a rather grandiose piece of millinery, stood quietly upon the platform.
“There.” Howard pointed. “There she is.” He walked toward her.

Tobias paused. A smile spread across his face. Before him turned a woman dressed in lavender brocade. He bet his hands could span the width of her waist with little trouble. He wished he could see her expression beneath the netting. Watching with envy, Tobias witnessed Howard Stetson give a slight bend toward Charity and pressed a kiss to her cheek. Moving nearer the two, Tobias picked up snippets of conversation.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Stormy Weather has gotten a review

A wonderful review by the folks over at You gotta read.

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

The proceeds of this book go to the Susan G. Komain Foundation
*note* frank discussion on breast cancer surgery and reconstruction
As a woman, Lauren Phelps has suffered the worst life can throw at her. The loss of her breast, the rejection of her husband, a divorce can she pick up the shattered threads of her life and continue?

Cole McGuire met Lauren Phelps through a mutual friend, his mother. When Lauren took a medical leave of absence, he wondered if he would ever see her again. When she returned to Teague and Marshalls, he made sure she was transferred to his office. Now divorced, he wondered if he stood a chance to woo her.
Can Lauren learn to love again after the storm?

After Lauren Phelps is diagnosed with breast cancer, her dirtbag husband left her to withstand treatment and reconstruction alone. After reconstructive surgery and going into remission, Lauren is offered a new position at her old job, as Cole McGuire's assistant. Cole McGuire is thrilled to have Lauren back at the office and has come to know her through his mother who also had cancer. Now that both of them are free he is determined to win her heart, to show her that love is unconditional.

I cried all through the first passage, which seemed like part of the story at first, but was actually the author's journey. Lauren carries the internal scars of her survival and rejection by her ex- husband while holding her head high. Cole is a loving, understanding hero who shows Lauren how to open her heart again. True beauty blooms in the heart, and everything else is just 'window dressing'. This is one you gotta read and your purchase supports a wonderful cause. I commend the author for having the courage to face her personal fears and trial and for writing this story. Ms. O'Berry's work is always fluent and incredibly moving. Needless to say, Stormy Weather, is just one more reason to keep her at the top of my list.

Ok note here, the first part of the book is actually my editors brush with this horrible disease. When she found out I was writing this tail she asked if she could put a forward in. I had no problems offering Michelle Ellis a part in this book because she has been there for me when I had questions. Her professionalism and willingness to work with young emerging writers is an awesome asset for Red Rose Publishing. Emmy's brush with and talk about finding a lump and what she went through makes this book even more important.

I am honored to have her as an editor and as a friend. Please in this season of giving remember that proceeds for Stormy Weather go to help those with Breast Cancer. Proceeds are going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CHECK out this great book signing

If you are in or around the Houston area, you might want to stop by and see these fine authors. Be sure to tell them Nancy O says Howdy!

Houston area. Come on down and join the fun if you can!

Boomerang Books
Saturday, Dec 19
12:00 - 4:00

Anna Kathryn Lanier

Skhye Moncrief

Anne-Marie Novak

Emma Lai

Elizabeth Pina

_http://rosesofhouston.blogspot.com_ (http://rosesofhoust on.blogspot. com/)

Lots of Prizes - every 30 minutes
Treats and Drinks
1/2 off all used Romance
Fun, Fun, Fun
Come join us!

Boomerang Books
907 W Main St
League City, TX 77573

_www.myspace. com/boomerangboo ks_ (http://www.myspace. com/boomerangboo ks)
Facebook, too! Search Boomerang Books

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Need something to read now that Old man winter has settled in

My publisher Red Rose Publishing is putting out several great Christmas stories. Another one what has come across my desktop is this, Three Minutes Before Christmas by Paige Ryter. Ok love the authors name. Say it out loud and you'll catch her witty pen name.

I love the change on the amnesia angle too. Hit by a huge roll of Christmas wrapping paper. Come on we've all had those days when paper has fallen from the table or whatever we've chosen to wrap those gifts on. How cute that she's rescued by a doctor. Paige even centers the social gap in the story and when it comes down to it.."Check the clock because they've only got Three Minutes Before Christmas until the magic is lost."

This contemporary sounds like a great read on a cold day waiting for the Big man in the Red Suit to stop by your tree.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Custom of the Christmas tree

When we think of Christmas, it's not visions of sugar plums that dance in our heads. It is the vision of the tree decorated that sits in our family rooms, our Living rooms, or virtually any room in the house. The Evergreen is synonymous with the holiday season.

Our Pagan ancestors spruced ( sorry about the pun) their homes with the sweet smelling boughs to remind them through those long dark winter nights that spring would once again return to the land. Christianity , through Martin Luther brought the trees into the homes reminding their families that " Jesus left the stars in heaven to come to earth" to teach us how to live. I personally like to think it's a measure of the two. It reminds us that there is a constant life that like Christ love, it is renewable.

Christmas trees often did not have a long life. They were brought in as part of the Christmas treat and were left for St. Nicholas and his elves to decorate. Their blank branches suddenly sprang to life overnight and were seen on Christmas morning decked in their splendor. A sight to behold. It was then burned for warmth. Remember the folk tale of the Little Fir Tree?

Victorians really made the tree special. Pictures of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their families before the tree made them a mainstay in the 1850 homes. Virginia's first tree came to Williamsburg in 1845. It was brought over by the Minnegerod family. Charles Minnegerod, a German professor at William and Mary brought the custom to the New World delighting the children of the George Tucker House.

Decorations were edible often made from gingerbread or marzipan, an almond sugar paste that can be shaped into figures, hard candies in gilded netting, cookies, and fruit. To offset these pleasures, paper fans, tin soldiers, windup toys were hung as well. Added to the mix were homemade toys, dolls, and mittens. Small handmade wax candles gave the tree light. Those beautiful hand blown glass ornaments were first made in Germany during the mid 1800's and shipped throughout Europe.

So, as you get ready to celebrate the beauty of the season, take time to bring the family in and enjoy the tree. Read to your children the story of The Little Fir Tree, The Polar Express, and the story found in the New Testament. Do it by the light of the tree with the carols playing softly in the background. You'll find the magic of Christmas has not been lost, " still resides in those who believe."
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