Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Mystic of NASCAR

There is something to be said for the rush of wind, the smell of burned rubber, and the mighty roar of a well-tuned engine. When you add the pulse of thousands of screaming fans, you've got NASCAR.

It's sort of a tag team sport for couples, if you will. Males fall under the siren's call of the automobile, while women are drawn to those daring young men in those jumpsuits. No wonder, that HQN writers as well as other authors are drawn to the mystic ritual of RACE DAY.

I've never been lucky enough to witness first hand an actually race. No surprise as why, tickets are sold out often a year in advance. However, with my son and husband parked in the living room, fortified by veggie trays, chips, and dip; I found myself wondering just what intrigued them. So, I sat in on the Sunday ritual.

Ok, at first, I asked question after question. With an annoyed glance, my son brought me into the computer and sat me down with NASCAR 101 on the NASCAR site. MEN, AND THE PRICE OF THEIR TOYS ! Still, I began to learn, racing teams, sponsors, everything that these men can do to generate a bit of income and raise sponsorship money. Racing is not a cheap sport. This innocence to the sport I carried over in my short story Destination Daytona with Red Rose Publishing about a young widow finding love again against the backdrop of the Daytona 500.

While I don't know everything, I am learning, watching, and at least I can join in on the Sunday ritual - well, until I say something about how cute Kasey Khane is. Ah, a girl's gotta have some fun, right?

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