Thursday, March 5, 2009

On writing

I'm the type of writer that has a general concept for a story, however if I were to write a full blown synopsis before dampening that first page with ink, the story would not get finished. I have two novels that are done with plot by plot outlines and I can not bring myself to finish them. That doesn't mean I am not writing. It just proves that for me this process doesn't work. Possilbly I need more discipline or training, but I have to be allowed some creative lee way otherwise for me the process is over and done.

I am in the middle of revamping a work and halfway through a western that friends tell me not to write because historicals are everywhere. Unfortunately, I can't stop what comes from my brain. I can get it done. I can put it away in a folder for later. Like a tidbit of sweet treat for my eyes and my heart, but I will have to write it.

So off I go back in time when men were men and women were glad of it...
Nancy O

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Clare Revell said...

If men weren't men and women glad of it then there's no point in writing. Some of mine are done with an outline, but those pesky MC and FMC always change the script as they go along anyway.

Probably half of my novels won't get published, as they are way too detailed and plot centric.

or like my collection of kids stories, the market is satuated witht them and I can't break into it.

So I write for me. Some days. Others I give up and call it a waste of time.


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