Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot time Summer in the city...

Remember that old song?

Yeah, as our heat index climbs, it sure comes to mind. It is hot in the city and in the country too! I don't know about other writers but I find myself struggling to pay attention to the written page when it gets above 90 with humidity. So in order to beat the heat, I rise about 5 a.m. and work on stories until the house stirs at 7. Then, after breakfast, I do a bit more. When the sun gets to the back of the house, I move to a notebook and work away from the desk in a cooler room. Another thing that helps is working on those winter stories. Now, is the time to finish those Christmas tales and submit. Check publishers for deadlines on those holiday themed stories.

Just remember in January we'll be cussing at the cold weather, snow and ice that are keeping us indoors.

Here's a picture to help us remember those bad times...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Looking for a weekend read

July finds us at the pools, our minds blank, and the humidity making it too hot to move. Why not pick up a good book and enjoy that e-reader beneath the shade of an umbrella? Here are a list of great novels by known and unknowns sure to delight.

Small-town love vs. big-city dreams. LOVE DELIVERED http://amzn. to/HuYcc7 @joyafields

The Wronged Princess-Cinderella with a twist by @kathylwheeler AMZ: http://amzn. to/H98m09 B&N: GDTfcF #AmazonLikes

Eloping With Emmy - latest eBook from @lizfielding

There are worse things than natural disasters #Apocalyptic #thriller

Is Tessa’s doll cursed or is ex-husband stalking her? Tessa’s Teasures @calliehutton #romanticsuspense #kindle

Romance with intrigue, suspense and sinful secrets www.lyndakayefrazie @lynda_kaye #romantic suspense #suspense

#romanticcomedy #suspense Sew Happy Together by Nora Snowdon avail now amazon. http://amzn. com/B008C1RWNM. Laugh, love, get kidnapped.

Can a mother, her daughter, and an angel save our world from evil? Trinity, by Deena Remiel

HER SANCTUARY “Suspenseful, riveting and explosive, this reader absolutely loved this story.” @toniannanderson http://amzn. to/HERSAN

Happy weekend reading! Let me know what you think of these books.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July....

There are a few songs and dances that bring a smile to your face. Here's one just for today....

James Cagney as George M. Cohan...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heaven is full today.

I just heard the news of the passing of Andy Griffin.

My mother had this thing for Madlock. I don't think she ever missed an episode. In his mythical world, he was always eating a hotdog after winning his case. Every time we fixed them mom affectionately called them "Mad" dogs in his honor.

So, I'm sure that today, once St. Peter get's him processed through those pearly gates, my mother will be there in her navy blue and poke-a-dot dress with the white lace collar. She'll greet him with a smile and her southern charm, pat the empty place on the bench and when he sits, she'll offer him a hotdog, with mustard, wrapped in the paper. He'll unwrap and as he goes to take a bite, she'll pipe up and say, "Now, Andy, about that case...."

Thank you, Mr. Griffin, for hours of entertainment you gave us from Mayberry to Atlanta. You made us laugh in No Time for Sergeants, you cracked us up with your country boy take on Romeo and Juliet, and "It's Football". You were one of a kind and you blessed us with your presence.

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