Monday, January 26, 2009

Edits and buzz

Wow, I just finished going over the second round of edits for my second book in a series. Its nerve wracking everytime I see my editor's name on the emails. I can feel my heart pounding, I get light headed and my fingers tremble. I fear the worse but her kind comments always make me feel so much better. I've been told I need to promote more. I also need to play up the angle of know ...S - E - X. I'm not a prude. I KNOW thats how we all got here save one but geezzzzzzzzzzz... to me its like the bonus to a good story not the central key. but for the sake of argument. I am going to put a little whoo hooo on the blog here for titilating interest. From Sweetbrier Academy Book One, Having Faith... 2.99 e print download at ...

“Miss Benedict says that our rooms should offer comfort. They should make a man feel at home, not that he has to get in, get it done, and be gone in the next minute,” she replied.
Her voice was a bit hushed. Thaddeus turned and found her leaning against the door. The corners of her mouth turned in a coy response and he heard the lock turn. “May I pour you a drink?” she asked moving away from the doorway to the small decanter on the table near the basin and pitcher.
“Yeah, a small one,” he replied. Standing in the center of the room, near the bed, he wondered where to sit, the only chair too small to hold his frame.
As if sensing his dilemma, Faith whispered. “You may sit on the bed.”
He turned and looked at the large feather bed, “Thanks.”
Easing his frame down, Thaddeus savored the softness rubbing his hand across the satin ticking of the comforter. Across the way, the cork pop from the bottle and the soft flow of liquid poured into the glass. The soft whispers of her slippers against the carpet made him look in anticipation at her direction. In her hand she held one goblet of golden bubbles
“Champagne” He acknowledged, reaching for the glass.
Faith stopped him with a shake of her head. Her lips pursed. He watched hypnotized as she ran a finger around the lip of the glass before dipping inside. Then lifting her hand, a single drop of the beverage fell into her opened mouth. Below his waist, Thaddeus felt himself rise.
“Ummm,” Her throat warbled the sound as she plunged her finger back into the drink, and then held it aloft for the second time.
Thaddeus needed no coaxing. He opened his mouth and allowed the nectar to fall into his lips. Peach, it tasted of peach. As she pulled away, he reached out and took her finger into his mouth. With slow diligence, his tongue began to stroke the single digit of her hand. First, down one side, then across to the other, finally he rolled his tongue around the length of it and drew firm against the skin.Book Two Holding on to Hope coming soon


Kaye Manro said...

I like your new blog! I'll put a link to it on my blog.

Susan Macatee said...

Very nice excerpt and thanks for paying a visit to my blog. If you'd like I could link you to mine.

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