Monday, January 26, 2009

Edits and buzz

Wow, I just finished going over the second round of edits for my second book in a series. Its nerve wracking everytime I see my editor's name on the emails. I can feel my heart pounding, I get light headed and my fingers tremble. I fear the worse but her kind comments always make me feel so much better. I've been told I need to promote more. I also need to play up the angle of know ...S - E - X. I'm not a prude. I KNOW thats how we all got here save one but geezzzzzzzzzzz... to me its like the bonus to a good story not the central key. but for the sake of argument. I am going to put a little whoo hooo on the blog here for titilating interest. From Sweetbrier Academy Book One, Having Faith... 2.99 e print download at ...

“Miss Benedict says that our rooms should offer comfort. They should make a man feel at home, not that he has to get in, get it done, and be gone in the next minute,” she replied.
Her voice was a bit hushed. Thaddeus turned and found her leaning against the door. The corners of her mouth turned in a coy response and he heard the lock turn. “May I pour you a drink?” she asked moving away from the doorway to the small decanter on the table near the basin and pitcher.
“Yeah, a small one,” he replied. Standing in the center of the room, near the bed, he wondered where to sit, the only chair too small to hold his frame.
As if sensing his dilemma, Faith whispered. “You may sit on the bed.”
He turned and looked at the large feather bed, “Thanks.”
Easing his frame down, Thaddeus savored the softness rubbing his hand across the satin ticking of the comforter. Across the way, the cork pop from the bottle and the soft flow of liquid poured into the glass. The soft whispers of her slippers against the carpet made him look in anticipation at her direction. In her hand she held one goblet of golden bubbles
“Champagne” He acknowledged, reaching for the glass.
Faith stopped him with a shake of her head. Her lips pursed. He watched hypnotized as she ran a finger around the lip of the glass before dipping inside. Then lifting her hand, a single drop of the beverage fell into her opened mouth. Below his waist, Thaddeus felt himself rise.
“Ummm,” Her throat warbled the sound as she plunged her finger back into the drink, and then held it aloft for the second time.
Thaddeus needed no coaxing. He opened his mouth and allowed the nectar to fall into his lips. Peach, it tasted of peach. As she pulled away, he reached out and took her finger into his mouth. With slow diligence, his tongue began to stroke the single digit of her hand. First, down one side, then across to the other, finally he rolled his tongue around the length of it and drew firm against the skin.Book Two Holding on to Hope coming soon

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Passing the torch

There are few moments in history that transcend time, move men to tears, or change the course of history. Today is such a day. The landscape of America has changed. Our country has chosen a man that is both African American and European American, a blend of the two races that ultimately founded this great country. It is the quiet wisdom, and grace that Obama shows in his leadership that makes this transistion possible. No other candidate can do this. The great architect of the universe takes few men and molds them to allow greatness to shine foth. We saw it in Washington who taught us how to lead. We saw it in Jefferson and Adams who crafted this magnificent building document made up of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, we learned the great strength from Lincoln who brought our country through the struggles of the issues that divided us with the thought that “Malice toward none and charity for all” should be applied. Now in his hour of triumph, Obama took time to honor his opponent, to offer the olive branch. His words will bring pleasure to our ears and soothe our souls as we begin to rebuild our nation. God Bless America and the men and omen who serve, who defend, and provide leadership. I am proud to be an American.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Contest by author

So here is the plan, this question will be open from January 9th to January 23, 2009. If you purchase a copy of Sweetbrier Academy Book One Having Faith. Email me @ with the words HAVING FAITH CONTEST in the subject line, the answer and chapter you found the answer in, as well as, your SNAIL mail address and I will send you a gift. One lucky winner will win a paperback copy of Book One signed by the author as soon as it is released..

Remember to get all answers in by January 23, 2009. I will post the winner on my website:
and on my yahoo group
and on the readers loop for Red Rose Publishing on January 24, 2009

Contest Question:
In which state did Thaddeus Oakley hail from?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Romancing the blog

What is romance?

Romance can simply be the love of life or the pursuit of love. In all things there is romance. We tend to glorify the idea that love is eternal, love can mend a broken heart, love can send us over the moon, and love can even descend into maddness. The simple belief in such things has led writers to pursue the idea of what if for centuries.

So What if?
Who are some of your more memorible romantic hero's? and why?

I think as I began reading one of my first romantic hero's was Prince Valiant in the funny papers. Every Sunday I snatch the brightly colored page and read and re read the story line. I can remember when his twin girls were born, when the eldest son and Nathan the youngest. Even today, I like to get up early make my cup of tea and sit back reading the storyline.

I assume the attachment is the slendor of King Author's court, the idea of Knights of the Round Table, perhaps the folklore that surround the whole medevil period. Here was a man self assured who could whittle an army of hording invaders down to size with just his "singing sword". Ah, my type of man. Riding in on that white charger and carry me off to some secure haven.

Who are some of the others you might remember?
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