Friday, July 24, 2015

Christmas in July

Stop by daily between July 25 through July 31st to win anything from free books, gift cards, or swag from our authors. Check out our Christmas in July books here: All times listed are EST.

July 25-11:00 EST Karen Michelle Nutt will be giving away $10 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner. And also an eBook copy, winner's choice of any of her books (Gifted through Amazon.)

July 25 -12:00pm EST Vicki Crum- is giving away an eBook to 2 lucky winners.
July 25- 2:00 EST Cecilia Corona - is giving away an eBook copy of At First Snowfall.

July 26 11:00 AM EST Charlotte Raby - will be gifting an E-book version of her holiday anthology to one lucky person who comments.
July 26 4:00 EST Katrina Gillian- eBook copy of All You Have is Your Soul
July 26- 5pm EST Nan O'Berry gifting a signed copy Playing With Fire to one lucky commenter.

July 27 1:00pm EST Celia Yeary -will be giving away an eBook copy ANGEL AND THE COWBOY-- Also one lucky winner will be able to choose one of Celia's books to be gifted through Amazon.

July 28 Rebecca J Vickery- will be giving away $10 Gift Amazon Gift card to one lucky winner.

July 29 11AM EST Markee Anderson- Gifting a $10 Starbucks Card

July 30 9-10 EST Stephanie Burkhart-print copy of the 2014 Christmas Anthology.

July 30 12:00 EST Linda Swift- will be gifting a print copy of Let Nothing You Dismay and The Twelve Days of Christmas to 2 lucky winners.

July 31-9:00 Gerald Costlow will be giving away $25 Gift card to one lucky winner.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Snippet

Dan Rodgers, the local handyman, seems lost without a wife. When Reverend Finlay preaches a sermon on random acts of kindness, Miss Muriel Lowe sets out to find him one.

Her intentions focus on Jocelyn Lankford, Rebel's Crossroads librarian. A little maneuvering after serviceand before long Dan and Jocelyn are an item.

Well suited for one another, Jocelyn is content to allow romance to enter her life until little Charlie West comes clean about Miss Muriel's payment and how he was instructed to run into her in order for her and Dan to meet.

Humiliated, Jocelyn has a few choice words for the local busybody, but she doubts that Dan really loves her. Can Dan convince her that his love for her is real or will Miss Muriel's matchmaking ruin their budding romance?

Enjoy this small snippet from my short story, Random Acts of Kindness, from the Anthology entitled Be My Always.

Her feet tangled, ankles swaying as her heels turned. Suddenly, two strong hands reached out to steady her.

"Oh, excuse me," a strong male voice said.

Blinking, Jocelyn raised her glance to find a pair of hazel eyes and a strong square jaw staring back at her. Her mouth opened, but no words flowed. She watched the eyes crinkle around the edges with concern.

"Are you hurt?" he asked.

His glance moved toward her feet. Left without their warmth and desperate to regain their attention, somehow, Jocelyn found the strength to stand. "I couldn't stop," she stammered.

His scrutiny returned, along with the added heat of embarrassment rising up her neck to settle into her cheeks. She wondered if the crimson clashed with the blue outfit she wore.

"No, it was my fault." He glanced beyond her searching for something. "I thought I saw Mrs. Lowe calling me."

Jocelyn turned her head, hoping to get a glimpse of what he was looking for, but the north side of the churchyard proved empty. "I don't see anyone."

"Neither do I," he murmured. "You sure you're all right?"

She nodded and he withdrew his hands.

"The name's Dan Rodgers." He offered his hand.

"Jocelyn, Jocelyn Lankford," she replied. The touch of his palm sent a tingle of warmth rushing up her arm and rattling her nerves. His eyes widened and she knew he'd felt it too. Like two opposite poles drawn to one another, they struggled to release their hands.

"Beautiful name, Jocelyn."

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