Saturday, November 21, 2009

Information about a contest November 26th.

Wow the response has blown me away! Please be sure to check with Martha's bookself and the link above so that you can register for the give away. I'm going to post a bit more of the book Stormy Weather here today.

“So, what are your plans now?” Karen Quinn asked as the two women strolled across the narrow, wrought iron bridge that spanned The Hague.
“I don’t know.” Lauren shrugged. “Go back to work, I guess. Begin a new life.”
“Lord knows you need to,” Karen agreed.
They paused at the crest of the bridge spanning the narrow inlet close to downtown. Karen was right; she did need to. Her life had changed one hundred and eighty degrees since March of last year when she’d found the lump just under her nipple on the left side of her breast.
“It still galls me that he found another woman,” Karen spat. “Just left you and moved in with her like everything was fine.”
Lauren pulled her dark blue coat tighter against her thin frame. “It was his choice,” she replied.
Lauren looked at her friend, touched by her loyalty. “He was and still is an immature boy,” Lauren conceded, then sighed as they walked on. “My doctor told me to get on with my life.”
“Are you?”
She nodded. “I called Mr. McGuire this morning and asked for my job back.”
“And?” Karen asked, her eyes shining with excitement.
“He…he said he has a good replacement in my position,” Lauren said.
“No, he didn’t!”
She looked over at her friend’s shocked expression. Reaching out, she placed a hand upon her arm. “It’s okay. He offered me a new position.”
“I’m the young Mr. McGuire’s personal assistant and project manager,” Lauren explained.
Karen’s face filled with joy. “This deserves a drink. Come on, the Purple Elephant is no more than a block away.”

Please note, this book contains frank discussions on breast cancer and reconstruction. The money raised from this book goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Tidewater chapter. I have signed over my royalties to raise money for the cure of cancer. Won't you join me is stopping this disease. Nancy O'Berry, author.


Kaye Manro said...

What a wonderful excerpt, Nancy! And a great cause. You are the best. I have your blog linked to mine.

Nancy said...

Thanks so much Kaye. That's an awesome honor to get! You're one in a million.

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