Saturday, March 14, 2009

One review in for Sweetbrier...

Being a paramour at Sweetbrier Academy has its advantages. Faith is educated in politics, language and of course, love. When three men play a high-stakes card game to win a night in her arms, she can't help but want only one man to win. Thaddeus Oakley. He may not be the richest man at the table, but he certainly was the most attractive. But after one night in his arms, can she walk away? Or will Thaddeus change her life forever?

The slow sweet southern arousal of the Sweetbrier Academy ladies will capture you with this first book, and have you coming back for more. Ms. O'Berry weaved a wonderful twist in the worlds oldest profession.. Faith and Thaddeus are perfect for each other and look past the worlds critical eyes to make love work.

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