Friday, December 18, 2009

Stormy Weather has gotten a review

A wonderful review by the folks over at You gotta read.

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

The proceeds of this book go to the Susan G. Komain Foundation
*note* frank discussion on breast cancer surgery and reconstruction
As a woman, Lauren Phelps has suffered the worst life can throw at her. The loss of her breast, the rejection of her husband, a divorce can she pick up the shattered threads of her life and continue?

Cole McGuire met Lauren Phelps through a mutual friend, his mother. When Lauren took a medical leave of absence, he wondered if he would ever see her again. When she returned to Teague and Marshalls, he made sure she was transferred to his office. Now divorced, he wondered if he stood a chance to woo her.
Can Lauren learn to love again after the storm?

After Lauren Phelps is diagnosed with breast cancer, her dirtbag husband left her to withstand treatment and reconstruction alone. After reconstructive surgery and going into remission, Lauren is offered a new position at her old job, as Cole McGuire's assistant. Cole McGuire is thrilled to have Lauren back at the office and has come to know her through his mother who also had cancer. Now that both of them are free he is determined to win her heart, to show her that love is unconditional.

I cried all through the first passage, which seemed like part of the story at first, but was actually the author's journey. Lauren carries the internal scars of her survival and rejection by her ex- husband while holding her head high. Cole is a loving, understanding hero who shows Lauren how to open her heart again. True beauty blooms in the heart, and everything else is just 'window dressing'. This is one you gotta read and your purchase supports a wonderful cause. I commend the author for having the courage to face her personal fears and trial and for writing this story. Ms. O'Berry's work is always fluent and incredibly moving. Needless to say, Stormy Weather, is just one more reason to keep her at the top of my list.

Ok note here, the first part of the book is actually my editors brush with this horrible disease. When she found out I was writing this tail she asked if she could put a forward in. I had no problems offering Michelle Ellis a part in this book because she has been there for me when I had questions. Her professionalism and willingness to work with young emerging writers is an awesome asset for Red Rose Publishing. Emmy's brush with and talk about finding a lump and what she went through makes this book even more important.

I am honored to have her as an editor and as a friend. Please in this season of giving remember that proceeds for Stormy Weather go to help those with Breast Cancer. Proceeds are going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Thank you.

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Paige Ryter said...

Congratulations on a wonderful review! You deserve it!!!

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