Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Romancing the blog

What is romance?

Romance can simply be the love of life or the pursuit of love. In all things there is romance. We tend to glorify the idea that love is eternal, love can mend a broken heart, love can send us over the moon, and love can even descend into maddness. The simple belief in such things has led writers to pursue the idea of what if for centuries.

So What if?
Who are some of your more memorible romantic hero's? and why?

I think as I began reading one of my first romantic hero's was Prince Valiant in the funny papers. Every Sunday I snatch the brightly colored page and read and re read the story line. I can remember when his twin girls were born, when the eldest son and Nathan the youngest. Even today, I like to get up early make my cup of tea and sit back reading the storyline.

I assume the attachment is the slendor of King Author's court, the idea of Knights of the Round Table, perhaps the folklore that surround the whole medevil period. Here was a man self assured who could whittle an army of hording invaders down to size with just his "singing sword". Ah, my type of man. Riding in on that white charger and carry me off to some secure haven.

Who are some of the others you might remember?

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