Sunday, August 30, 2015


Holy Moley, its hard to believe that the last days of summer are dwindling down. It won't belong before the sound of those early morning school busses will be bringing either joy or saddness to our ears. After the first few days, we'll all have time on our hands for new ideas, new friends, and perhaps an hour or two just for reading.

September is a busy month for me. I'm working hard on a submission for an anthology that is due on the 15th. Yep, you know me well, its not quite ready. I strated three different stories until I found the one that seemed to call my name. I will be finishing that up and finishing some edits for the third book in the Indigo Spring Series entitled, Lasso Her Heart. This will be the last Malone brother to wed. I hope you'll enjoy Troy's story of lost love, redemption, and renewal.

In the coming months, I'll be working on stories for the coming 2016 year. I know that sounds like a long way away but the old time clock seems to be running faster each month for me. I'm just getting used to writing 2015. As time grows nearer, I'll be giving some shout outs about an indie release and another Rebel's Crossroads novel. I hope you'll enjoy them all.

Happy reading,

Nan O'Berry


Here are some heart warming, some high adventure, and some medical thrillers to keep you entertained.
Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle

Beach Rental by Grace Greene

The Lingerie Castle by Markee Anderson
Surviving With Love by Rebecca J. Vickery

Toxic New Year: The Day That Wouldn't End by Judith Lucci

Friday, August 14, 2015

Marin Thomas has done it again.

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up a Harlequin American Romance written by Marin Thomas, she pulls those heartstrings and captivates the reader. Her series, Cowboys of the Rio Grand is by far one of her best. In June, she released, A Cowboys Redemption, Cruz Rivera on his last second chance. Coming in November, she will release The Surgeon's Christmas Baby, the second in this set. Alonso Marquez has a whole lot of trouble following him. Will love win? Well, its a Marin Thomas novel so you know it will have that glorious Happy Ever After so right for the holiday season. I know I'm going to order my copy today!

Check out her latest video for The Surgeon's Christmas Baby.

Then check over at her blog and sign in for a giveaway!!events/co6s

Giveaway opens on Friday morning August 14th and ends at 11:59pm ET on Sunday August 16th! Don't delay, get your name in now!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Once Upon A Dream release

On August 4th I released the second book in the Indigo Spring Series entitled Once Upon A Dream. This is Jason Malone and Karleigh Jordan's romance set agains huge odds. Karliegh's dad has a stroke and she learns her ranch is heavily morgaged. Add to that a crooked foreman and she's in over her head. If only she can trust Jason Malone. Unfortunately, Jason was involved in a serious accident that killed her brother, Emmett. Can she cross the bridge of romance and accept Jason's help?

Once Upon A Dream is for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as Smashwords. To read more, check out the links below and order your copy today.""

In honor of the release, I will be looking for a lucky commentor to recieve a pdf copy of this romance.

New blog

I have to admit when I redid the look of the blog, I was worried it was going to be lame. Now that I've had a few weeks to gaze at it, pink is not all that bad. I hope everyone likes it. I'm posting today about my latest release, Once Upon A Dream, the second book in the Indigo Spring series. I hope you'll enjoy the snippet and insight into this story.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Christmas in July

Stop by daily between July 25 through July 31st to win anything from free books, gift cards, or swag from our authors. Check out our Christmas in July books here: All times listed are EST.

July 25-11:00 EST Karen Michelle Nutt will be giving away $10 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner. And also an eBook copy, winner's choice of any of her books (Gifted through Amazon.)

July 25 -12:00pm EST Vicki Crum- is giving away an eBook to 2 lucky winners.
July 25- 2:00 EST Cecilia Corona - is giving away an eBook copy of At First Snowfall.

July 26 11:00 AM EST Charlotte Raby - will be gifting an E-book version of her holiday anthology to one lucky person who comments.
July 26 4:00 EST Katrina Gillian- eBook copy of All You Have is Your Soul
July 26- 5pm EST Nan O'Berry gifting a signed copy Playing With Fire to one lucky commenter.

July 27 1:00pm EST Celia Yeary -will be giving away an eBook copy ANGEL AND THE COWBOY-- Also one lucky winner will be able to choose one of Celia's books to be gifted through Amazon.

July 28 Rebecca J Vickery- will be giving away $10 Gift Amazon Gift card to one lucky winner.

July 29 11AM EST Markee Anderson- Gifting a $10 Starbucks Card

July 30 9-10 EST Stephanie Burkhart-print copy of the 2014 Christmas Anthology.

July 30 12:00 EST Linda Swift- will be gifting a print copy of Let Nothing You Dismay and The Twelve Days of Christmas to 2 lucky winners.

July 31-9:00 Gerald Costlow will be giving away $25 Gift card to one lucky winner.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Snippet

Dan Rodgers, the local handyman, seems lost without a wife. When Reverend Finlay preaches a sermon on random acts of kindness, Miss Muriel Lowe sets out to find him one.

Her intentions focus on Jocelyn Lankford, Rebel's Crossroads librarian. A little maneuvering after serviceand before long Dan and Jocelyn are an item.

Well suited for one another, Jocelyn is content to allow romance to enter her life until little Charlie West comes clean about Miss Muriel's payment and how he was instructed to run into her in order for her and Dan to meet.

Humiliated, Jocelyn has a few choice words for the local busybody, but she doubts that Dan really loves her. Can Dan convince her that his love for her is real or will Miss Muriel's matchmaking ruin their budding romance?

Enjoy this small snippet from my short story, Random Acts of Kindness, from the Anthology entitled Be My Always.

Her feet tangled, ankles swaying as her heels turned. Suddenly, two strong hands reached out to steady her.

"Oh, excuse me," a strong male voice said.

Blinking, Jocelyn raised her glance to find a pair of hazel eyes and a strong square jaw staring back at her. Her mouth opened, but no words flowed. She watched the eyes crinkle around the edges with concern.

"Are you hurt?" he asked.

His glance moved toward her feet. Left without their warmth and desperate to regain their attention, somehow, Jocelyn found the strength to stand. "I couldn't stop," she stammered.

His scrutiny returned, along with the added heat of embarrassment rising up her neck to settle into her cheeks. She wondered if the crimson clashed with the blue outfit she wore.

"No, it was my fault." He glanced beyond her searching for something. "I thought I saw Mrs. Lowe calling me."

Jocelyn turned her head, hoping to get a glimpse of what he was looking for, but the north side of the churchyard proved empty. "I don't see anyone."

"Neither do I," he murmured. "You sure you're all right?"

She nodded and he withdrew his hands.

"The name's Dan Rodgers." He offered his hand.

"Jocelyn, Jocelyn Lankford," she replied. The touch of his palm sent a tingle of warmth rushing up her arm and rattling her nerves. His eyes widened and she knew he'd felt it too. Like two opposite poles drawn to one another, they struggled to release their hands.

"Beautiful name, Jocelyn."

To read more about the anthology. please use the links below.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Southern Life

For those who don't live south of the Mason Dixon Line, you may not fully understand this. Our weather consists of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. However, we delegate winter to the 25th of December and demand it go away by the 25th of March at the latest. Our springs should be long from April to the first of July, leaving the months of July and August to the triple H's.
Ah, you say, what are the triple H's. None other than Hazy, Hot, and Humid. Weather that could make a host of angel's sweat and bring even the most onery non believer into church even if just to enjoy the air conditioning.

Well, the triple H's are here early. 90+ degrees and humidity into the triple digits all this week. Thank goodness I wear a ball cap at work. Ladies, its not going to be a good hair day. Have a great Monday.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday snippet...

I've had a bunch of releases this year. So I thought I'd put up a snippet from the latest release. A short story entitled, Room at the Inn.

"Come sit down," he urged her. Helena moved toward him and paused at the arm of the couch. "I'd like to thank you." She paused and brought her hand to her forehead, grimacing as her fingers touched the swelling on her brow. "I can't remember if you told me your name." "It's James, James Buchanan."
He smiled and relief flowed through her body. "Well, then, thank you, Mr. Buchanan. I'm Helena McCray."
"You're quite welcome, Helena," he told her softly. "Won't you sit down?"
She moved to the couch and lowered her body into the plump cushions. Her eyes grew wide as he leaned close to pull the quilt from the back of the sofa. Again, Helena could smell the comfort of his scent. Her muscles relaxed as his strong hands tucked the blanket around her shoulders.
"Now, off with those boots."
"My boots," she questioned.
"Boots." he nodded.
Her fingers crawled down her calf to find the strap and draw down the zipper. The leather fell away but her feet refused to come free. "Sorry."
"Sit back," he said.
Dumbfounded she watched as he bent down, the flannel of his shirt pulling tight across the well-defined muscles of his back. Then the silk touch of his fingers caressed her foot. Helena sucked in a breath as the boot glided off.
"Their cold as ice," he murmured. His hands quickly purged the leather from her other foot.
She wanted to contradict him because she could feel the heat rushing from her center to all parts of her body, making her heart work rapidly. Her eyes widened as his arms slid beneath her knees and he swept her legs beneath the edges of the quilt.
She swallowed and gave a nod. Reaching across the tray, he handed her a mug of steaming coffee.
She lifted the mug and let the warm dark liquid fill her mouth. Every bit of will disappeared as she swallowed. "Nothing has ever tasted so good," she moaned.
James chuckled and picked up his own drink. Instead of sitting across from her, he took his place, beside her on the other cushion of the couch. "Now, how are you feeling?"
"Other than cold?" she asked, gazing at him over the rising steam from her mug.
"Other than cold," he replied.
"I've a bit of a headache. I was going to ask if you had some antiseptic. I wiped off the blood as best I could in the bathroom."
"I see," he said. "Let's see if we can thaw you out a bit."
He smiled and set his steaming mug back on the tray. "I should have brought it with me." His voice rose as he stood and walked back to the kitchen.
"It's okay. I'm just glad you have coffee." She brought the mug to her lips and took a sip. Her eyes closed as her body absorbed the heat, and she gave a contented sigh. The log in the fireplace crackled as if laughing. Helena turned her gaze on it and sat hypnotized as the flames danced, devouring the wood.
A gust of wind rattled the windowpanes. She stared at the darkened glass and realized how lucky she was to have had this man and his dog find her. She lifted the mug and took another sip.
"I've got a band aid that might work."
She looked up as James crossed the room and sat down.
"Here," he reached over and took her coffee. "Now, let me see."
Helena found it hard to breathe as he leaned close. His sandy blonde hair was brushed away from his face. The edges a bit rough and in need of a good trim. He gaze skimmed along the length of his jaw toward the cleft of his chin. It was then she noted the faint line of a beard and thin mustache that gave him a kingly look. She'd studied costume design in college and the images of Lerner and Lowes Camelot sprang to mind. Yes, he could easily play Lancelot or King Arthur.

To read more or purchase your copy of Room at the Inn, use the links below.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Morning Mayhem...

I think I need a heroine who works for a living so we can commiserate together. LOL. I've a bit of outside work to do today before I hit the notebook. I've got my Tim McGraw soundtrack ready. :o) It will be a productive day.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Crazy days of summer....

It's hard to believe summer is almost here.

I'm working hard to keep up with my edits and writing new stories. I've been so lucky this year to find two great publishers, Victory Tales Press and Five Star Press. I hope to be having at least two more releases before this year ends.

Prince Charming Wore Spurs is the first in a series of books set in Indigo Springs, Texas. A place where cowboys can be cowboys and girls just adore them. Widower Jason Malone has a five year old daughter that adores fairytales and when her dad drags his feet on finding a new wife, what's a little girl to do but summon the matchmaker. Gillian Malone thinks the sun rises and sets in her new nanny. But Delaney Holmes or her alias Trudy has a secret of her own that could very well threaten her life at Fairy Tail Ranch.

Be My Always 2015 Summer Anthology is filled with five great stories. Random Acts of Kindness takes place in Rebel's Crossroads. It seems the church lady, Muriel Lowe has taken upon herself to play matchmaker for the local librarian. She pays two adorable children to help Jocelyn Lankford and Dan Rodgers find one another. Its a sweet tale just made for summer in your hammock.

I hope you'll take time to read and enjoy a great book. Happy reading until we meet again.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Small Town Life

I enjoy living in a small town. I like the slow pace and the attachments you make to people and places. They become yours. Your street, your block, your friends. You feel very protective over it, to the point, that you almost resist change.
Life in Rebel's Crossroads is the same way. Everything seems to fall into a predicted pattern. Sometimes people's actions reveal the character beneath as you'll see in this snippet from the release in my first novel in Rebel's Crossroads, Playing With Fire.

"Evening, Mr. Burns." Mitzi came under Sully's gaze and she smiled at the man in the cab. "Mitzi Stancil, I want you to meet Phillip Burns and his wife, Lisa."
She bent her head and acknowledged the woman sitting beside the driver. "Evening."
"Mr. Burns is the local lawyer." Sully explained.
"Ah" Mitzi nodded.
"Mitzi Stancil," he murmured, his face contorting for a second. "Say, are you the young lady whose little adventure in cooking made our Sully a hero?"
Mitzi glanced to her right and saw the warmth in Sully's eyes. "Yes, I guess you could say so," she agreed.
"Don't fret. It was all good." He grinned broadly. "The publicity is great for Rebel's Crossroads. You know, I'm in a mind to push the new mayor to give you some sort of recognition for bravery at the next city council meeting. What do you think of that, son?"
Mitzi watched Sully grow uncomfortable thinking of all the attention. The shade of red that crawled up his neck nearly matched the color of his hair.
"I tell you what, sir. Why don't you pressure the city council to restore the funding for the portable defibrillator?"
Phillip Burns thought for a moment, "Those things are pretty expensive. A plaque would cost less?"
"Yes, but think of it this way, sir, you can't put a price on human life. A defibrillator would save countless lives," Sully countered.
A glance passed between the two that Mitzi couldn't read. A serious look came over the former mayor's features. "Is that what you want, son?"
Sully looked back with a quiet determination Mitzi couldn't help but admire. "Yeah, it's what I'd like to see. One of those machines might have saved my father. It's a bit too late for him."
Mitzi's eyes filled with tears and her heart swelled for the young man sitting next to her that would forego his fifteen minutes of fame to think of others. Instinctively, she reached out and placed her hand over his, lending her support.
"I'll see what I can do to bring it before council."
"Thanks, Mr. Burns," he nodded. "I appreciate it.

If you'd like to read more about Mitzi Stancil and Sully's courtship, check out Playing With Fire at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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