Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Wednesday and I'm in OZ

Truly, it feels as if I have awoken in another place and another time. The sunlight shinging off those clear blue Florida skies looks different. You feel different walking through the lobby of the now crowded hotel. There is chatter and shrieks of delight as old friends meet. The smell of pages being turned is everywhere, in the pools, in the resturants, even along the Boardwalk of a Disney venue. Its wild.

We had breakfast today and all around us people were discussing book ideas, trying to come up with titles to submit to their agents or editors, practing their pitches they would give as the week wears on. Its an amazing place. You feel a bit overwhelmed by all the creativity.

I'd hoped to put up pictures but my lap top doesn't have the port for my camera card. So there will be picture posting when I return from Over the Rainbow. For anyone doubting, let me be the first to tell you that the magic of Disney is alive and well. Those who I've met or seen include Laura Robb and Allysa Day. I hope to meet Debbie Macomber before the week is done.

Until I can get to the computer... have fun.

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