Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RWA Nationals

Wow, I've been home now a bit over a week and finally got the suitcases unpacked. So much went on it reminds me of being in a blender, spun around and spit out. What do I have to say about being at RWA??

First - GO

If you've never been in the company of writers, go. There were over 2100 women, men, agents, editors in attendance. Sitting alone at lunch or with friends, you could learn so very much from what was going on. Small things like discussions of trends, how to format manuscripts, and just the fact that, like yourself, some people were stuck in their manuscripts and brainstorming went on.

Plan to Network

You don't have to drink, but go and sit down in the lobby or the bar and mingle. I over heard several people get asked for manuscripts partials and fulls in this process. Yes, it gets loud with lots of people milling around but that's ok. Remember that is what your room is for, to get away and rest.

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Do take in the literacy signing

I stood in line with a very famous author's mom. We talked about her daughter's work and she hustled me up to meet her. That was so cool. Authors also stop by and greet you, even get that hug. It was a tremendous lift for an ego.

Take time to go to the open house and spotlights.

There you will learn invaluable things for your manuscript and queries. I was able to give the editor that rejected my first work a handshake and thank her for her advice. She actually remembered the story and wanted to know if I had continued to work. That was cool.

What are the lasting memories I'll take from this.

There is never enough time to do what you want to do. You can not take in ALL the great programs. With that said plan to go again.
Do take advantage of mailing your books back and not clutter up the car or pay the extra on the airplane.
Do remember to USE the camera you brought with you.
If a writer asks you to come to dinner... GO. They may want to pass off some great information or you get to rub elbows with others.

Am I planning on attending again.. Oh golly yes. I've already started saving for next year. Now, if the agent can sell the book.. then by golly I'll really be able to go in style.

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Kaye Manro said...

Very good post, Nancy! Informative and gets to the idea behind why we should all go to RWA!

Yes! Let's get that book out by next year!!

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