Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More with Paty Jager

Paty has written a series of Petticoat books. These great reads can be found at The Wild Rose Press.
Maeve Loman has had her heart crushed before; she isn't about to have it happen again. When she takes Zeke Halsey up on his offer to help her discover the truth about her father, she's sure she can control her traitorous body and not fall for the man's considerable charms.
Zeke Halsey has wanted Maeve Loman since he first set eyes on the prickly schoolteacher. Even as she thwarts his advances, he sees the desire burning in her eyes. He knows she feels abandoned and uses bravado to keep people at arm’s length. Offering to help her find her father, he hopes to prove he’s not going anywhere.
Shouldering the burdens of his family and the mining community, Ethan Halsey devotes himself to providing for his brothers' growing families.
However, Aileen Miller, a widow, also looking out for her family’s interests, refuses to part with the land he needs. As they battle- one to push his dream to reality and the other to prove no man will hurt her again- their lives become enmeshed and their hearts collide.
Darcy Duncan is an accident looking to happen. So it is no surprise to her when she shoots a bank robber while buying mining supplies. She wonders at the town asking her to be marshal. However, being a resourceful, resilient young woman, she takes the job with every intention of giving it an honest try. But falling for the handsome enemy, is one accident too many.
Gil Halsey is asked to bring his boss' errant son back to the ranch. He follows the man and his band of bumbling robbers to a small mining town. A corrupt local official runs the town and has pinned a marshal's badge on an accident-prone young woman. Gil believes the two are working together, until the marshal blunders into a bank robbery and is kidnapped. While saving the marshal, he reunites with his estranged family and stumbles into love.
Saloon owner Bas Slocum has never let anyone close. His lonely childhood and scrapes with the law has hardened his heart. Until he meets an angel wearing a Temperance ribbon. Now he must hide the very thing that was his salvation or lose his angel.
Letha Harrison suffered beatings from her alcoholic father and a forced separation from her brother. As she and her younger sister try to survive in a lawless town, she finds the first man she trusts.

Where is Paty today??

My hero Clay Halsey from Doctor in Petticoats is being interviewed tat
Naughty Little Vixen today

And 2009 Golden Heart finalist Autumn Jordan is visiting my blog and
talking about her new release Evil's Witness.


Paty Jager said...

Thank you for posting this, Nancy!

I also received a 4 spur review for Doctor in Petticoats. You can read it at Love Western

Nancy said...

Oh Fantastic, Paty. I hope everyone will hurry over and take a look at your books. I believe you have them in ebook and print formats. Four solid reads. Thanks for including me on your little trail ride. Its been a blast.

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