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Giving in to Charity

From Dark Diva's Reviews Giving in to Charity by Nancy O'Berry from Red Rose Publishing

Deb’s Review:
Nancy O'Berry has captured my heart with her Sweetbrier Academy Series I have read the first two books which include Hope and Faith's stories and I am so happy that Charity finally has a story of her own in Giving in to Charity. As I read along, I seem to lose myself into the time frame in which these stories take place—the formal gowns, society gatherings, and the intrigue that Nancy O'Berry creates

Giving in to Charity is a delightfully sensual story about love, mystery and greed. A man will do anything for the silver running through the mines in Virginia City, and for the love of a good woman, no matter her past.

Nancy O'Berry is magnificently delicious! Come and visit Sweetbrier Academy, then you will know what it is like to relive the past.

From You Gotta Read Reviews
Not only is this book fast paced with beautiful description and intriguing dialogue, it has several twists and turns that will have you reading as fast as possible. The two main characters, Tobias and Charity, are truly amazing individuals to overcome the demons they have deep inside them. Through the book, you see each of them grow individually as well as together. Some of the secondary characters will either have you laughing at them or wanting to kill them yourself. Some of the issues discussed in this book are still relevant today. The one most prevalent in this book and in today's society is racism. I was humbled at how the author dealt with this situation and did so with grace and dignity. I want to thank the author, Nancy O'Berry, for a beautiful and entertaining love story. I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in this series as well as her future releases.

Read an excerpt here...

His strong arms slid beneath her knees and pressured enough that they gave way. Charity clung to Tobias, and he lifted her and cradled her next to his chest as he walked across the room and, as gentle as he would a newborn, placed her in his bed. The light from the fire reflected on the plains of his skin. The strength of his jaw, the well-toned body, made him appear like some golden Greek god. Charity pulled her arms above her head to grasp the metal spirals of the wrought iron, easing her body away from the edge so that he might join her.
The mattress tilted. The springs gave a sigh, and he stretched alongside her. His hands plucked her dark nipples, making them pebble. Tobias’ head dipped, and she knew his lips found the desired morsel. His mouth suckled until she moaned and writhed beneath him. His hand moved along her side, and he grasped the second tip, arousing it in the same manner.
“Tobias,” she groaned, arching against his touch.
Reluctantly, he let go. His lips kissed the sacred valley between the two, and his knees pushed her thighs apart. “This afternoon you begged to taste, tonight I shall dine.”
Charity’s eyes widened. Tobias’ tongue burned a path from her breast, around her navel, and lower. A stroke across, and her legs grew weak. He drew her bud up and teased till her hips rose from the sheet. His arms slid beneath her legs lifting her, parting her nether lips to taste the sweet wine she had been hiding. Cupid’s sweet sweat layered her body while his kisses plundered her core. Breathing became a chore, and she gasped for air, colors swirling above her. Her heat tightened like a spring ready to snap, and he drew away.
“Yes, Charity, I want to hear your name upon my lips,” he commanded, his fingers keeping up the sweet torture.
“Tobias,” she panted.
He chuckled, and Charity took a quick intake of breath. He ran his finger across her bud. Twisting her hands into the excess of the sheets, she cried out.
Before she had a chance to recover, the touch of his member nudged her entrance. Like hot molten steel, he eased in inch by incredible inch. She held her breath, feeling his magnificent stallion riding to her rescue to help her find her release. Slowly he pumped in and out, her body clenching and holding with all its might. His chest slick, her breasts tangled in the thatch, the exquisite tension building.
“Look at me,” he called to her. She resisted the urge to close her eyes. “Look at me.”
Charity opened her eyes and looked into the darkness of his pupils. The thump of her heart beat with the pulse of his motion. Her body clenched tight then went boneless. His name burst from her lips, and she soared into the sky. She heard her name echoing from his lips while the darkness surrounded them, cocooning them from their fall.
Unhurried, her breath returned. Soft, slow intakes soothed the scorch of her lungs. Her hands slid across Tobias’ limp body, spread across to cover hers, and she held him. Charity’s heart twisted. She was in love.
He moved to lie beside her, his hands pulling her body to his to spoon. She said nothing. Lying in the cradle of his arms, she closed her eyes and let his hands cover her breast. Her body became chilled, and he shifted only enough to bring the blankets over them.
“Charity,” he whispered.
A soft smile graced her face.
“Stay with me tonight…don’t leave?” he asked, pressing his lips to her shoulder.
“No,” she murmured. “I will not leave you.” She wiggled back to find his flesh to her flesh even as a tear found its course down her cheek and onto the pillowcase. She would lie. She would tell him anything to savor this moment in his arms. She would become that woman again if it meant one more night in his bed, in his arms. Closing her eyes, holding on tight, she drifted to sleep.

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