Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Developing the Characters

When I first conceived the idea of Sweetbrier Academy, I knew that I wanted to tell at least three stories. Each one of the girls would be different. Faith was probably the younger of the three. She believes in true love and love at first glance. Hope is older. She's seen some hard things in life and suffers greatly in her story. She's takes well to the mothering role. Charity had to be a strong woman. She is what they call "Passe Blanc" which meant while she was of African American descent , her skin was light enough to pass for white.

It was a risky gamble. But you can't tell a story about New Orleans and not include this. Charity is a strong willed woman. She does not go easily into anyone's mold. She demands a better life and when she is told because of her skin and her heritage she can't make the step up, her temper is something to behold. Yet, it is her quest for a better life that leads her to Tobias Meriwether. Tobias sees her for what she is a beautiful woman. He is also a wounded soul so they blend well together. I think my favorite line in the story is when they are making love and he tells her, "To forgive this southern his transgressions". I can't write that without hearing a deep southern drawl.

I hope you will pick up a copy of Sweetbrier Academy and take a chance on a new author.
Nancy O'Berry

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