Monday, January 7, 2013

It's in the details

I was watching opera the other night. Now don't get excited, we southerns enjoy a good melodrama, I mean we haven't gotten of the "the war" yet. Anyway, they had this big ole burly leading man. You girls know the type. Strong, blonde hair, blue eyed, deep voice that sounds like he's pulling it on with his bootstraps. I mean who am I to fuss and complain if this hunk of burning love is parading around in a skimpy tunic that would make most Roman's blush.

Any who - this person hosting the opera, decides to interview him. I gotta admit, I was expecting Luciano Pavarotti. You know, sounding like he was Italian or maybe British. Nope, the guy was very soft spoken, had a twang and said "now this is it". Slap my forehead! A southerner! Gosh knows, I'm sure gonna watch more of it. Well maybe because it comes on just before Downton Abbey - well a girl has to have a vice don't she? Nan

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