Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting into the swing of writing.

Okay, okay, the holidays have come and gone. You're in the mood to start that next great project. So you flick on the screen and stare at the beautiful, white, blank page - and wait.

and wait -

Hearing those crickets chirp yet????

It happens to all authors. We start out with huge gusto and then the muse flits around laughing and leaves. How do you combat the illusive idea?

One suggestion that comes to mind is an idea notebook. I keep a small notebook beside me or on my desk at all time. When that idea strikes, I jot down the information in my head, sort of a back of the book blurb and then continue on with my chores, or my writing. I know I'll come back to it later. I might grab a few posted notes and jot down some ideas to see if it really has merit to write. If I find myself with more than ten well noted posty notes. I'm going to be writing that story.

So then, I flick on the screen set up my manuscript and stare at that blank page, just as most of you are doing now. Remember the fear of writing fades with words sprinkled across the page. They don't have to be perfect, thing of that first draft as what a gardener thinks of compost. Its what you place the seeds of your imagination in. You don't put it down and walk off. You place it in the ground or on the page and write, then come back and cultivate the seedling into a mature story. Add a thesaurus, a bit of planning, and you just might have a first class award winning tale to send out.

So keep writing, the blank page is your oyster and the world awaits. Till next time, Nan

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