Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thinking toward the new year.

So here we are. The last Saturday of 2012. No end of the world. No alien life forms spotted, unless you count the strange lady at the local 7/11. So we sit here and ponder what the coming year will be like.

Reflection on last year shows there have been lots of changes. A growing swell of traditional writers have gone Indie with back list and shorts to promote new series. One thing I have noticed, the rise of self publishing has empowered authors. We understand a bit more the return from places like B and N, as well as Amazon. Because of it, many are demanding a bit more in terms of accounting. In many ways, the veil has been removed.

Likewise, publishers are demanding a bit more effort on the writers part to sell their merchandize. Shelf space has become limited with the near extinction of local bookstores. Which, I might add, is a shame for many people do not have the electrical devices to download stories. Local bookstores made us a nation of readers. But, alas, I digress.

As writers, we must embrace publishers and likewise, publishers must embrace writers. We are no longer distant spheres separated by agents. We must work in tandem to bring forth a polished project. Those who self publish. Must put forth the expense of a good cover and everyone must edit with a second pair of eyes.

Authors read, analyze, discover other writers and see what they are doing. Publishers truly read submissions, look at things with a blind eye, do they merit moving on, is there a gem that could be polished to become the next big thing. Don't just pull from what is trending on Amazon or Nook. That's too easy.

With that said, I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2013. May this brand new year bring each and everyone of you happiness, love, and pleasure.


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