Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm not a big coffee drinker. Love to sit in Starbucks but I can't drink the stuff. It smells wonderful but when I put coffee in my mouth, my throat closes up refusing to let it down. Perhaps its my glasses. I've heard it said.. if you drink coffee your ears will fall off and I'd have no way to keep them on my head. What ever the reason, I am a tea drinker.

Winter or summer my day begins with a glass of ice tea garnished with lemon. I maybe bleary-eyed and grumpy till the taste of Mr. J. Lipton hits the back of my throat and cuts the dust from the back of my mouth. I savor it. Holding in for a few moments, letting the fresh citrus tingle wake my taste bugs before it cools my throat as it careens over the falls toward my gullet. There is nothing as pleasant as that.

By afternoon, the stress of the day has taken its told and I'm up for another cold glass. The day of course will end with a warm cup of tea in the quiet of my living room when the men folks have skedaddled to their beds. So, no surprise, I'm making my pitcher of tea this morning ready to head out to the deck to plan a disaster for my hero and heroine when I pause to read the back of the tea bag paper.

"Your small cup can make a big difference"... really? Well it sure flushes my kidney's ... let's read on.... "Now , when you drink a cup of Lipton tea, you are not only taking care of yourself..." Ah see the subliminal message letting me know its okay to continue to drink... "but, you a re doing a bit more to support tea growers and the environment."

Okay, my family has always drank J. Lipton. When I was little I suppose I thought he was part of the family because the box with his likeness sat on the counter watching me eat Captain Crunch every morning. If my buying a box of tea supports tea growers then lets look at how much I have contributed to the well being of the world. I am double nickles. Uh, yeah that is 55. I've been drinking tea religiously since I was at least 5 years old. At 3 glasses a day, that 1095 glasses a year so for 50 years... that's 54,750 glasses give or take a few. We buy 2, 100 bag boxes of tea every two weeks, so that's 52 boxes a year. Average cost about three bucks a box.. so in a years time that's about... $156.00 worth of J. Lipton. Now, for 50 years that means I've contributed..nearly 7,800 dollars to save the worlds tea growers, not counting tax.

Say, I think this Tea hero needs another glass.. pardon me while I pour some over the ice and sit on my back porch to ponder my next adventure. Won't you join me? Cheers!


Nancy Naigle said...

Wow..that was a lot of math!! Tea growers around the world are probably clicking follow on your blog/facebook and twitter RIGHT NOW! You are a serious tea drinker. Maybe we should get ya' one of those sashes with the sparkly title Ms. Tea Sipper USA.

Any good southerner knows sweet tea is important to good health and happiness.

Here at Holland Farm we whip up a pitcher of sweet tea every day in the spring/summer. It takes a lot of sweet tea to run a goat farm, ya' know. We use good old Lipton, too.

But, when I'm drinking hot's Harney and Sons all the way. I love - love - love Harney and Sons tea. Paris tea sachets are my very favorite, but mint verbena is a close second.

Any other tea crazy folks out there?
Hugs and high tea~
Nancy Naigle
Sweet Tea and Secrets (May 2011)

Obe said...

You know you're not in the south if you have to ask for sugar. We actually have a Lipton Tea plant in Suffolk. Secretly, I think I own part of that now.

Thanks for stopping by!


Sue McKlveen said...

Yum. Coffee. 'nuff said. HAHAHAHAH!

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