Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day Dreaming

I must tell you, we've had some wonderful weather this week. Temperatures in the upper 70's, low humidity - just delightful. But, this is the south and soon that will change. Tomorrow's call is for the 90's and increased humidity. For those beyond the Mason Dixon Line it means there is no good hair day.

So a friend of mine asked where would I go what would I do otherwise. Hum? I closed my eyes and thought about it. The vision appeared ( along with Zac Brown's song Toes in the Water ). Champagne shores... so those white crystal beaches, palm trees for shade across a wide deck and there I'd sit in one of those brightly Caribbean painted Adirondack chairs possible a Turquoise blue. I'd definitely be forty pounds lighter. My emerald green bandeau bathing suit would be covered by a print gauze cloth of off white sprinkled with salmon colored Hibiscus flowers. A soft warm breeze would disturb the brim of my straw hat.

On my right, a tall glass of ice tea. You can see that tea glass covered with condensation, the rim lined with a dab of raw sugar, wedge of lemon, and a washed sprig of mint resting sideways, leaning against the glass for support so it wouldn't slip beneath the liquid. My eyes are closed as the waves gently roll to shore.

Ahh yes... toes in the water... bottom in the sand... not a worry in the world... ice tea at my hand - Life is good today... life is good today... sigh................

Have a great end of the week and love your special father this weekend.

1 comment:

Sue McKlveen said...

I'm dreaming right there beside ya, Nancy! :)

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