Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is a comin'

Well her it is nearly the middle of June and we are beginning our second battle with heat and humidity along the eastern seaboard. My vow not to cut on the air conditioner was blown out the water when the temp in the house with fans going went beyond the register. I had just gotten use to all that lovely spring coolness too. Ah, sigh.

I know when I was younger, my parents beat the heat by sitting on the porch and drinking hand squeezed lemonade while we danced through the sprinklers in our bathing suits. Somehow, the weather didn't seem to bother us much then as it does now. Of course we had more green spaces to soak up the heat from the sun.

Now, I find myself drawn to the even coolness of central air. I suppose I'm a wimp, but at my age, I look better with more clothes on than off. So here's to the boys and girls of summer. May your days be warm and breezy without the cares of school. To the older generation, enjoy your porches and sip that cool glass of lemonade while you watch lighting bugs dance on the early evening lawn. Ahhhhhhh youth.


Kaye Manro said...

Nice post Nancy! I love your visual of past days. My grandmother never had air either. But she did have this big giant fan in the attic that circulated air throughout the house, windows were always open and screens in. Gone are those days. We can't stand a little heat. I also remember her front porch and the cool lemonade too. Good memories...

Kaye Manro said...

Oh yeah, and I remember getting sprayed with the hose on steamy hot days and watching the water dance on the breeze, as we also danced. (Okay, so I always danced,lol)

Obe said...

hahaahah... keep your spirits lively and your heels in merriment my dear. LOL. A day without dance is like a day without laughter - much to serious.


Diane Craver said...

Great post, Nancy! You have a nice blog. It certainly was different in the summer for me, too. I grew up on a farm and no a/c.

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