Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekends were made for slowing down.

Yes, I'm deep in the writing cave. I'm revising, creating, and all around mucking up a story. Because I owe, therefore I must work outside the home. This is sucking time away from my writing, so I am trying to get myself on a schedule to rise early and spend a few minutes believing in Romance.

I have the privileged of the weekend off, a rarity lately. Unfortunately, this weekend is the great upheaval in time. Yes, that dreaded weekend we crank the clocks up an hour and lose sleep. We can blame this on "the war". No, not the one of Northern aggression, but the war to end all wars - version II. Daylight was needed to crank up industry and turn out those planes, tanks, and victory ships to defeat Germany and its allies. Now, its just become habit. Although, the devil get's in early because of the energy crisis back in the 70's and I'm just not sure why that reasoned out, but I do remember vaguely the debates.

So, this weekend is it. D-day of sorts an I am resisting the urge to change clocks an hour a head, to mess with the minds of my family before they get up. We used to do it on Friday nights when the kids were little so they wouldn't be so tired come Monday morning. I admit, I love the summer, getting up early and watching the day begin. I just wish I could learn to sleep during the winter months to make up for it.

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