Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just a passing thought on today.

Called up the original Cosmos with Carl Sagan. We watched it through supper. I so remember now why I loved teaching Science. It's a shame that lawmakers think they are educators. We've disenfranchised parents by doing away with books and relying on only SOL's (yep, the letters sure say it all) Sometimes I feel so bad for teachers having to educate on the whim of others. A child's mind is a terrible thing to waste. A generation or two ago, we went to the moon without calculators, iphones, and tablets. Have you thought about what we use today for modern technology? Tablets, hand held or not, and stylus to touch the screen. Folks, that technology goes back to the Egyptians. Although theirs were clay and their stylus sticks. Yes indeed, everything old is new again. I'm off to wrestle with that silly thing called a pencil and put thoughts on paper. Go figure.

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