Friday, December 9, 2011

A letter to Miranda

Cordial, Texas December 1873

My dearest Miranda,

The chill of winter has descended over Cordial once more. I rode into the hills that look over our empty home and thought about you. I wondered if there are feelings in heaven, for if there are, you must surely know just how much I miss you.

Sam Russell suggested that I write this letter. He says I'm brooding too much, keeping myself on the ranch only going into town when we need supplies. However, who wishes such dire reminders, my love. Who would want to ride past the cold ground that covers your body and that of our child? Oh, for one more minute to hold you in my arms. To feel the warmth from your body against mine and to see the face of the child that died beneath your heart on that cold and fate filled Christmas Eve.

I confess, the idea of celebrating such a holiday settles upon my soul with such coldness that I fear I shall never be warm. I dread the shortening of days, the long lonely nights of winter. I hear the cry of the wind against the panes of our windows and it echo's my soul. If only I could block out that holiday, make it cease to exist, then perhaps I might continue on. Never the less it comes. Each and every year it comes and with it my hurt deepens. I fear nothing can save my soul, dearest Miranda. The only thing I look forward to is laying my tired body next to yours. You were my love of my life, my reason for living, with you gone, there is only a bleak future. How could a loving God, take you from me? I search my soul, but there is no answer.

Your loving husband,
Dobson Winters

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Markee Anderson said...

Brings a tear to my eyes. Poor Dobson! But GREAT book!

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