Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Letter from Lucy

Dear Santa,

I am writing you this letter in case you don't know that I'm now at the Flying W near Cordial, Texas. My Aunt Holly drove the wagon over all the way from Kansas and we were nearly eaten by wolves but Mr. Winters, he and Joe shot them before they could eat Jack and Bennie. I am glad about that.

But Santa, I really want to make this Christmas special. I all ready have all I want. I have Holly, Mr. Winters, Joe, Abilene and Esmeralda. So you take my presents back. I'd like for you give my new friends something instead.

Chow Ming, who is the cook, like me he hasn't seen a Christmas.He's from China so maybe a nice tea cup. I will warn you not to bring him anything sharp. He had all ready got a meat clever that he waves around like a rolled up piece of paper ready to swat flies.

Joe, he could use a new pair of riding gloves. I saw a hold in the finger of his yesterday when he showed me how Star had taken to Abilene. Oh, Abilene is the orphan cow they found. They are gonna let me raise it. Star is a good momma now that she has two babies. She is very proud of them both.

Santa, if you could, I want you to bring Mr. Winters a new heart. His got broken when his first wife died. I heard him and Holly talking. I think my uncle Nicholas had something to do with it, but they grow all tight lipped when I come round. But, if Mr. Winters got a new heart, he could love my Aunt Holly, then we would not have to leave.

You see, I do not want to leave. I do not want to go any where else for Christmas or after. I love it here on the Flying W. I love everything. The funny way Red chews tobacco. How he can spit and hit the can from four feet away. Mr. Winters made me a Cowgirl in Training and I can't wait to learn how to ride and rope good enough to be just a plain old cowgirl.

So, that is my wish Santa. Please, let Holly and Mr. Winters fall in love. Then everything will be just right as rain. Give your reindeer and hug for me.

Lucy Watson

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SweetTale books said...

Very cool! Lucy is just the coolest character!!! (Along with Chow Ming. LOL!)

Kaye Manro said...

How sweet! What a great letter. Lucy is just fantastic!

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