Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh, to be a writer

In school we hated it or rather loathed to be told what to write. But as we aged came the wisdom to know that writing is an unique artistic form and when done well can entertain generations.

I don't know where I was during the grammar part of education. I think I must have been zapped up by alien space travelers and whisked away. For I am so very dyslexic when it comes to commas, semicolons, and dangling participles. (Don't they have medication for that?) Anyway, my family was and is still surprised that it's my dream to write stories. Why? Because what is published today leaves me wanting in some respects.

I crave action, adventure, romance on a grand scale. Take me to another world, another time, transport me to the heroine's point of view,and let me hear the strong voice of the hero in my mind. If I find myself as a writer yearning to see these things in the next sentence or next chapter of my own work, I think I've done it well.

Then, today I had to laugh at myself. A dear friend brought be back to life by sending me "MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY" all ready on UTUBE. Please watch. Perspective writers, please listen. Children the next time you see your mother, do not laugh in her face - behind her back is acceptable.

Thank you.

(You may have to cut and paste. You want to be a writer)

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Actually, with a speech impediment in grade school and after my accident, I found writing my thots out was VERRRY helpfull, so-much-so, I published THREE, poorly written novels HeeHee They were published on Lulu, the neurotik, jenerik neutral who lets YOU type'm out, but if nobody buys'm, hey, dude, they still have their profits. Et c'est la guerre, oui? --- So, that's why I gave-up on trying. Too many writers + not enuff subject matter without being completely redundant = no thank you. Ta-Da! Here’s nine, insane blogz YOU may steal/plagiarize to thy heart's content, to give you thots and ideas you may have never thunk!! Be prepared, though, Upstairs in Heaven Above, my blogz of humble wisdom and avant-garde-efficaciousness will be attributed to moi, aussi in some kinda trilogy. I don't think you'll much care in the Great Beyond, though, fulla party-hardy, kick-some-assness. God bless.

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