Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, Monday

The weekend has drawn to a close and with it another week begins. I'm up early. The sweet yellow cat(being so sarcastic here) pounced on my middle about 5:30 a.m since I did not respond to his purring and demanded his food. Rather than go back to bed like a normal person, I've decided to get started and work on revising a chapter in my WIP.
So, I'm up, wiping the sleep from my eyes and getting my life in order to write.

Writing takes discipline. No book is ever written on an idea. Your thoughts can't crawl onto a page without placing pen in hand and applying muscle pressure to move it across the page, or across the screen. So set aside an hour to write. I prefer to write during the day sometimes in the early mornings, but mostly late afternoons. I begin by placing a few new ideas down that I will expand on later. Then I work do my house work or prepare for my other job mulling over the ideas. Later in the day, I will take what I call MY TIME and write.

Those who are able to write as a profession view it as a job. They clock in. I do the same by keeping a day planner open. I write down my starting word count and my ending word count. I take time Saturday evening to add up my accomplishments for the week and at the end of the month, I see progress.

So, if you are contemplating writing, begin with your idea. Write down on paper, note cards, sticky notes what ever works for you. Then set aside time to work. Let your family know this is "Your time" and give yourself at least 90 minutes to be productive. You don't have to put down 5000 words a day. Yes, it would be nice. But remember novels are built on words. Any words put down is progress. It may come in spurts or long drafts but make sure you take time to write, to journal, to think. Its an amazing experience.

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