Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting to know the author.

I had a friend ask me to tell her something she didn't know about me. My first response was that my life was boring hence the need to make up more fascinating people.
No, she responded. Tell me more about you. Seven things that most people don't know. And here they are.

1. I once dreamed of being the first female jockey to win the Kentucky Derby.
What happened with that? Well, I grew a few inches too tall and gained a "modest ' amount of weight. It didn't deter me from riding horses. In fact I had my half Arabian mare for twenty eight years. We grew old together. I do miss her terribly.

2. I'm nearsighted in one eye and far sighted in the other.
No, don't ask me which one, I can't remember. I think it must be a generic thing my mom was the same way. But, it makes life interesting. My children won't ride with me unless I wearing my glasses. Gee , where is their sense of adventure?

3. I am named after 14 other women.
Yes, it goes back past the Civil War to the 1820's. One girl in each generation on my father's side had the same first and middle name as myself. No, I stopped it. My daughter is named for her grandfather.

4. In family lines, I am the last.
My parents didn't have an heir or a spare, only me. So when I married the Parsons line ended. It's kind of sad in a way. I will pass the oral history and the bibles from the early 1800's down to the children but the history, the connections in a way will now be a generation gone. My family comes from Portsmouth Island, North Carolina, Salters to the Whalley's to the Parsons. In my blood runs the same blood as those pirates who signed and sailed with Blackbeard for one was hung in Williamsburg when Maynard captured the Queen Anne's Revenge. My history runs deep in the southern soil hence my love for history.

5. I belong to a fan based group of an old TV show in the 1960's.
Yep won't go into naming names but I served as the first place I began writing. Yes, at least once a week I pull out the old VHS tapes and the released DVD's and watch an episode repeating the lines. I am so bad.

6. I would love to visit the places I write about.
On my bucket list are the cities of Evergreen Colorado, Seattle, Washing ton, San Antonio, Texas, Eagle Pass, Texas, and Larado

7. The last thing I think I want to share is that in the bottom of my freezer, I have a complete snowman.
My son and daughter were 12 and 8 respectively when we had our last great snowfall. ( Yes today they are rounding 30 and heading on. It is hard to get snow in the south near the Gulf Stream). They made a snowman that lasted for three days and when it came close to melting, my children begged to save "Buddy Holiday" . So we moved the frozen blueberries, shifted the bag of jalapeƱo peppers and placed Buddy Holiday in the bottom of the freezer . He looks so sad with his garland of fruit and peppers and his arms reaching to get out. I keep threatening to bring him out on the Fourth of July and put a sparkler in each hand. Perhaps I should dress him up for each holiday and take pictures for a calendar. That might fund the writing process.

So, now you all know a bit more about me. There are seven great blogs I'm going to be putting links to. Please, check them out and let the owner know you heard of them through here.

Next week, I'm blogging about Evergreen, Colorado , its history and what makes it so fascinating.


Kaye Manro said...

Very cool stuff, Nancy. Thanks for the link!

Obe said...

You are so welcome..

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