Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What do you, the reader, want when it comes to romance?

Okay, I admit, I write or try to. Hear lately I see lots of people tweeting about that they want, but what do READERS want? We are writing for our public right? As readers, what made us turn to writing? What made us say, I want a story that has this, that, and the other in it? So Readers, what satisfies you??? I'm looking to hear.

 I'm looking at best sellers and what I am seeing is sex. Sex is the act, don't we need romance before? Have books evolved to wham, bam, thank you ma'am and hero walks away??? I hope not. I write sex in my stories when I think the hero/heroine have come to the point that there is no return. I struggle with this internal/external conflict because I try to avoid conflict in my real life. Yes, I suppose I am that Pollyanna type person that likes their rose colored glasses. I know that live is like running an obstacle course. Yo need those bumps in the road for introspective thoughts and yet, I'd sure like it to run a bit smoother.

 What do you as readers want? I'd like to know. I need to know if my fiction is going to be real. Won't you leave me a comment? Thanks.


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