Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Snippet

When a man thinks he has nothing to live for, life has a way of coming full circle.

Her eyes made contact with the narrowing shafts of yellow from the grey wolf. One of his companions howled. The large animal's noses wrinkled as they drank in her smell. Only then did Holly understand, out here in the wild, she was no more than a meal for this pack to consume. Don't show fear. Now that command might seem simple. Yet, how impossible it would be to carry out? Her knees shook with each sliding step she took away from the wagon.
The wolf sensed her hesitation and moved forward. She watched his dark lips pull away from the long white teeth as a trail of slobber dripped toward the ground. Deep in his chest the threat to charge rumbled. With a gnash of his teeth, he made a half leap forward. Unable to help herself, she screamed and drew her arm up for protection. He growled again. With a shake of his head, white foam from his teeth flew over his body. His actions sent the others in the pack circling and snarling, urging him to strike. She froze. Her gaze focused on the jagged pieces of white in his mouth. She wondered if it would hurt when the closed upon her throat. Silently, Holly began to pray.

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