Monday, April 2, 2012

Looking for Love? Check out the Greenhorn Heart by Sherri Thomas

GREENHORN HEART Sherri Thomas ISBN 978-1-59578-882-5 At her dying mother’s bedside, Jolene Norris promised that she would keep her baby sister safe from her money hungry aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, keeping that promise is proving a lot more difficult than Jolene thought, and she needs help. Her aunt is out to prove Jolene is unfit or at the very least unstable to take care of her sister, forcing Jolene to seek Seth Morgan’s help. She needs his home, his land, and his name. Too bad he’s as welcoming as the bulls he raises. Scared that she’ll lose her sister, Jolene makes Seth a deal he can’t refuse. Seth doesn't have time to take care of a petite woman who is as green as her eyes or the small drooling complication on her hip. He doesn't do babies or marriage, not after his ex-wife killed herself and their three-year-old son. But he desperately needs the money Jolene offers him. Together they arrange a marriage of convenience, which quickly becomes so much more.
Congratulations, Sherri, on your newest release! Check out her other books with these links to Liquid Silver Books Mad About Maddie - Holding On -- Greenhorn Heart - You can find Sherri at these locations.

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