Thursday, February 9, 2012

Designing your manuscript.

Whether pantzer or plotter, in order to keep your story running smoothly you must have some sort of plan in place to keep the center focus of your story running smoothly. For the first time authors , this might be a bit overwhelming. You're saying to yourself, "I want to write. Why don't I just sit down and do it."

Well, no one is saying you can't. But after years and years of chasing this magical pony. I've come to the conclusion, I have to have something even if its just a blurb type statement about the story itself. Something that when I am grasping for words, I can go back, re read, digest, and suddenly let myself know that the information was there all along and I can move forward.

So, what do I use? I'm a pen and paper sort of girl. Yep Use that original computer complete with the delete eraser on the end. I will get a notebook and write down what the story is about in blurb fashion.


Joe loves Marsha, but when it comes to her meddling mother and her get rich schemes he draws the line. When Marsha invest their savings in her mother's latest scheme, Joe moves out. Crushed, Marsha thinks she can never love again. Burying herself in her work, she tries to forget her teetering marriage. But when Mom's scheme finally works and Marsha becomes an overnight millionaire, things go a bit haywire.
Men come out of the closet to wine and dine her in hopes of getting her to marry and get their hands on her er- "assets". One conman gets to close. Joe decides to step in to save Marsha from herself... or it is that he can't forget the love they shared. Will Marsha take him back? Will her new lover steal her fortune? Does money matter when love is all he cares about?

Okay so there's my "working blurb". I'll let this peculate, stew, mull over adding plot ideas in one sentence bullet points beneath or on sticky notes till I get what I want. Can it change? Sure. Can I rearrange? Anytime. As long as I build a world that people can believe and I am comfortable with.

So, let's write!


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