Saturday, November 26, 2011

Searching for that just right novel.

Okay, you've got your hands on the nook, the fire, the iPod. You've been bombarded with commercials telling you what a great device this is and HOW you are REALLY gonna love it. You've even gone through the effort of registering your device - in my case, sigh had to call some one. So your fingers are hungry to find those "bargain books" and download.

I will recommend two sites because I know most of the artist and people who run the sites. They are writers themselves and have decided to make it a bit easier on the reader to find books tailored for their taste.

The first loop is done by Markee Anderson on her Sweet Tale book site. Yes, like the name implies, books are sweet meaning a chaste kiss to closing the door on those sexual scenes. Many of her books have an inspirational theme. You can find her over at: Go under the Christmas book shelf for the list and click on the title and author to go directly to the book site. Markee has done an outstanding job setting her site up as a magazine type event. Lots to read about and do.

The second site was put together by Mona Risk. She gathered a group of published authors and each day presents a $0.99 book with an excerpt for you to read and links to buy. Check her group out at: Mona carries not only holiday stories but other genre's and heat levels as well.

So if you are in the market for a good solid read at a fair price, browse these sites and enjoy your e readers.


Kaye Manro said...

Thanks for the links Nancy!

Markee Anderson said...

Thank you, Nancy!!! The Sweettalebooks shelf a really cool bookshelf! :)

That's cool about Mona's site, too!

Great job, Nancy!!! Time to shop, huh? :)

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