Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm having one of those Homer Simpson head slapping moments. A child of the 60's and please don't calculate age, just know that AARP sends me notices once a week, I grew up on Television. So I view things as either a situation comedy or a drama. I've been writing as these wonderful screen writers taught me.. duh it doesn't work for romance.

So after so much debacle here is my insight. Ok, when writing romance, I shouldn't do anything from secondary characters POV. I think that's where I'm making my mistakes. I need to stay in the head of my hero or my heroine. However, (didn't you always hate that about rules in English) actions of secondary can move Hero or Heroine toward their realization of love and toward that pivotal moment where they fish or cut bait.

Keep that on a posty next to your computer!

That is all now back to the woman's writer cave for more gnashing of words and breaking of fingernails.



Sue McK said...

You're doing GREAT, Nancy!!! I think you're on the right track, because your moment struck a chord with my writing, too...so keep sharing and keep writing! You're saving a lot of us from headaches down the road. :)

Kaye Manro said...

Yes, true... good to see you back. I did learn that secondary character thing a while back. And I do try to bring them in tight via either from the h or h pov. They can still work to help the h and h realize their love.
Just think of those stories written only in 1st person and how hard that would be!

Nice to see you!

Obe said...

Thanks Sue and Kaye,

Its good to know I'm on the right track .. whoo hooo

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