Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What are reviewers saying about the Sweetbier Academy series.

As a writer its always a battle of nerves when you send your work out to be reviewed. I must say, the reviews have been most kind.

Long and Short reviews says:
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Lilac
" Despite her profession there is an innocence about Faith that I found quite refreshing and fascinating. She comes across as very sweet and soft-hearted and I enjoyed her interactions with the other characters of the story. I longed to know more about this intriguing character and couldn’t wait to see how the story would go as Faith finds herself caught in the middle of a battle between two determined men.

With this book, Ms. O’Berry manages to give her courtesans and paramours heart, elegance, and class as they take pride in their occupation as they seek to improve their lives and take control of their own destiny. One can easily understand and feel for these women and the unconventional lifestyle they have chosen to lead and forget about the opinions and dictates of society during that time as they appear to simply be women preparing for work. You almost forget what their work involves until confronted with it head-on.

If Having Faith is what one can expect with Ms. O’Berry’s Sweetbriar Academy series, it should definitely be an entertaining series of reads."

About Holding on to Hope:
From Dark Diva's Deb..
5 Delightful Diva's

"I enjoyed this book even after the last page was turned. Mrs. Opal and her girls are a true delight. I could not help but laugh.

Holding on to Hope is set in a time when men did not consort with ladies of the evening outside of a whore house.

Sometimes you have no choice with whom you fall in love. Hope and Johnathon are two darling characters. Hope is no shrinking violet. She knows what she wants, as well as gets it. Now all she has to do is convince her cowboy of that.

Johnathon, aka “Doc”, is what every woman wants and needs in a man. He is Hotter than Sin!

Nancy O`Berry created a wonderful series that I, for one, cannot wait to discover the whole series. Holding onto Hope is book 2, and Faith and Charity's books are out now. Come feel what it was like long time ago, when passions ran high."

On Giving in to Charity
Deb's review
5 Delightful Divas

"Nancy O'Berry has captured my heart with her Sweetbrier Academy Series I have read the first two books which include Hope and Faith's stories and I am so happy that Charity finally has a story of her own in Giving in to Charity. As I read along, I seem to lose myself into the time frame in which these stories take place—the formal gowns, society gatherings, and the intrigue that Nancy O'Berry creates.

I must say, out of the three books, this one is my favorite, which is saying a lot since I gave them all high marks. The era that is the back drop to this book has always fascinated me. A time where proper women looked down their noses at the less fortunate; sometimes, only to find themselves at the mercy of what is right. People will do anything when greed is involved.

The secondary characters in Giving in to Charity are truly astonishing. On many occasions throughout this book, I wanted to slap Miss Violet in order to defend Charity. She was quite the villain.

Nancy O'Berry is magnificently delicious! Come and visit Sweetbrier Academy, then you will know what it is like to relive the past."

These make working those long hours and worrying over the words a pleasure. I hope I continue to live up to these wonderful expectations.


Kaye Manro said...

Wow Nancy! Some great reviews here. You should be proud. Loved the last one.

Nancy said...

yeah imagine being called delicious.. that was something. I am very proud of all these books. I can't wait to do the Benediction...
Thanks for stopping by Kaye.

Paty Jager said...

I nominated your blog for the sunshine award. See my blog!

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