Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is NASCAR ?

What is NASCAR?

What is NASCAR? What is the big thrill of continuous left turns to complete an oval? NASCAR - NASCAR is love-
The love of a fast car! The thrill of out foxing your competitors! The thrill of victory when you swoosh down that last straightaway rolling under the checkered flag to the roar of approving fans!
Yea, that's NASCAR !

The acronym stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR. This body governs or oversees the rules for three major races.
Sprint Cup Series
Nationwide Series
Craftman Truck Series

Unlike the old days where Detroit model cars ( stock cars) were souped up to run fast, today's autos have gotten it down to a science. Most teams build their cars from the ground up adhering to the provisions of the governing body. Comparing a Detroit model to a racing vehicle is like looking at snails compared to a thoroughbred.

Sprint cup racers weigh in at 3400 pounds and carry a monster V8 cubic inch engine that will generate 750 horsepower to move the vehicle down that track at speeds up to and over 180 miles per hour. A showroom model may have a 400 horsepower with a tame V8.

A stock car is built for one thing and one thing only S P E E D !

In celebration of the 2010 NASCAR season, my dear author friend Amy Clipston and I are running a contest!

Leave a comment on my blog and/or Amy's before the green flag drops on the Daytona 500 on Sunday and you'll be registered to win three NASCAR-related books. Check out these covers!
Let's go racin'!
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