Monday, April 10, 2017

Snippet Monday


This past week, I had the privilege of releasing a short novella in the wonderful world of St. Helena's Vineyard created by the lovely Marina Adair. If you are an armchair adventurer like myself, this is the best way to visit the beautiful Napa Valley of California.

Here's the premise of my story.

She had the perfect ring, the perfect dress, even the perfect venue. What she didn’t have was the perfect groom. Jenna McCormick was left – not so gently – at the altar. Embarrassed in front of family and friends, she doubts she’ll ever find love again.
Love at first sight? Does anyone really believe in that anymore? Carson Murphy didn’t or at least, he thought he didn’t until he happened upon the most heartbreaking moment in a woman’s life. Now, he wants to create the perfect ending out of the perfect mess.

 To read more or purchase the story, please copy and use the link shown here. This will take you to Amazon.

To read more about St. Helena's or take a tour of the town, head over to Marina's site:

Be sure to check out Facebook, all this month, authors on her release will be showcasing their books. I'll be there on May 1st. Who knows, someone might win a copy of A Perfect Mess. 
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